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Amazon Prime Day 2020 – Tech Deals Guide

Prime Day Tech Guide

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Tech Deals Guide

Kaelum Ross


Oct 13, 2020

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Well that was fun!

Thanks for checking in to our Prime Day 2020 guide. Prime Day is now over until 2021, so come back to this page then when we’ll update it with the best deals next year.

Best Prime Day Amazon tech deals

Prime Day is wrapped up now until 2021, we’ll see you then!

Do you need Amazon Prime to get Prime Day deals?

Yes, but in 2020, Amazon offers new users a 30-day free trial (check the links below to see if the offer is still available).

Should you wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday for tech deals?

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are historically larger events, we don’t expect many tech users to gain enough of a discount to warrant waiting several more weeks.

When you read forums and listen to Reddit posts, there will always be someone to say “if you just wait X months, it will be cheaper”.

But this is always the case with every sale! You can always wait longer and get things cheaper.

But Prime Day will undoubtedly be a great chance to pick up good tech deals, so if you want something soon, we recommend making this your time to do it.

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The 10 Best Fractal Design Cases in 2021

Best Fractal Design Case

The 10 Best Fractal Design Cases in 2021

Kaelum Ross


Dec 29, 2020

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While there are some great PC case manufacturers in the game today, few (if any) compare to what Fractal Design offer.

With an incredible balance between price, build quality, feature-set, and noise reduction, Fractal is one of the masters at providing the highest quality at an impressive price point in its line of minimalist towers.

Which is why today’s feature on What in Tech is breaking down the best Fractal Design PC cases for gaming, production work, and more (whatever size/budget you have in mind).

Top Picks

Best of the Rest: Quick-Fire Picks

Overall Best Fractal Design Case: Fractal Design Define R5

What a wonderful chassis this is.

Ranking amongst the best PC cases of all time (not just from Fractal), the Define R5 hits the perfect sweet spot in offering what a majority of gaming/production builds will be looking for at its mid-range price.

Starting with the build quality: boasting a largely-steel (or beautifully metal-finished) exterior, the case feels as good as it looks.

With the classic minimalist tower design Fractal is known for, there is no side window.

This closed-off design works with various sound-dampening material around the R5 to create one of the best quiet PC cases of all time.

What we find so impressive about the R5 is that it doesn’t compromise in any meaningful way on cooling to achieve its incredibly low noise level; with up to:

  • 9 x 140mm fans with 2 high-quality Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 fans included
  • Or up to 420mm top, 360mm side, 240mm bottom & 140mm rear radiators

The cooling capacity for the R5’s mid-tower form factor is simply fantastic, and we consider it the best Fractal ATX case for cooling and airflow.

What’s more, the case consistently outperforms many of its more open-ended rivals in terms of thermal benchmarks despite the focus on silence.

The R5 doesn’t compromise on other space availability either, with: 

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 310mm (which will cover most mainstream cards, but can be expanded up to 440mm with HDD cage removal)
  • 8 x 3.5″ / 2.5″, 2 x 2.5″ & 2 x 5.25″ drive bays

The R5 is perfect for a powerful gaming build with great GPU space (and the aforementioned cooling ability), you have a lot of overclocking potential here.

But even if you’re looking at something more work-focused (say, video editing), you have some of the best storage capacity available in any ATX case.

The fact that the R5 nails silence on top of its other capability feels like a too-good-to-be-true bonus for its price (and also makes this one of the best PC cases for music production).

Simply put, whatever your requirements, the Define R5 is a masterpiece and easily the best Fractal computer case to cater to a majority of builds.

Best Budget Fractal Design Case: Fractal Design Meshify C

While not as cheap as some of our other budget PC case picks, we wanted our cheap Fractal case choice to still retain a lot of what makes the brand’s products so great.

And the Meshify C does just that, with some impressive quality for its price (if you are looking for something extra cheap, see our “cheapest PC case” pick further below).

Starting with the build is the high-quality finish and largely steel exterior you expect from its more expensive counterparts.

On the side is a tempered glass window and on its front, a “trippy” mesh design that provides as much additional airflow as it does style.

The Meshify C is a compact ATX case, with:

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 315mm (with the front fan mounted, slightly more space could be achieved without)
  • 2 x 2.5″/3.5″ & 2 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Air cooling: Up to 7 x 120mm fans with 2 x Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans included
  • Water cooling: Up to 1 x 360, 1 x 240 & 1 x 120mm radiators

You still have everything here you would want in a budget gaming PC case: decent GPU room, cooling potential, and enough storage space.

Sure, the storage isn’t as plentiful as our top pick, and you can’t install quite the same level of cooling.

But the storage will only be a concern for high-capacity builds (think server pc cases or video editing builds) – there’s more than enough here for gaming.

And the cooling is still fantastic, with its mesh design making it one of the best budget PC cases with good airflow (we love that for its price you’re still getting 2 high-quality fans also).

The biggest reason we’d push you towards the Define R5 (or the other more expensive picks) is its superiority in quietness.

The Meshify is by no means bad at noise reduction.

But what makes Fractal Design cases extra special is their combination of a borderline-silent machine that retains great performance.

And that is what the R5/other choices excel at on a whole other level.

That said, rest assured: if your budget maxes out at the Meshify C, you’re still getting a lot of what makes Fractal’s towers so good and it is easily the best budget PC case they have made.

Best Fractal Design Case for Performance (High-End / E-ATX Pick): Fractal Design Define 7 XL

Now don’t get us wrong, the Define R5 and our other top picks have excellent performance potential.

But if you’re looking to build the most powerful PC possible with absolute optimum cooling for a silence-focussed design, the Define 7 XL is likely the best premium PC cases on the market to achieve this.

Industrial sound-dampened steel surrounds a lot of the case’s exterior, and while it looks similar to the other cases on the list, it’s impressive how a case of such monumental size can retain such an incredibly low decibel level.

And it really is huge. The Define 7 XL is easily our pick for the best Fractal E-ATX case option, with:

  • 9 Expansion slots + 3 for vertical install options
  • 359mm graphics card clearance (up to 549mm with certain modular components removed)
  • Drive bays included: 8 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ (up to 18 available), 2 x 2.5″ (up to 5 available) & 2 x 5.25″
  • 30mm cable routing space
  • Up to 9 x 120mm fans (with 3 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included)
  • Or up to 2 x 480mm, 1 x 280mm & 1 x 140mm radiators

As you can probably see, the specs on this chassis are simply insane.

Few other competitors will provide this much utility.

Not only do you have great cooling potential and GPU space for a powerful overclocked gaming build.

But anyone looking for a server, HTPC, or video production PC case will have one of the largest storage capabilities we’ve seen at this price point (and more than we can imagine any user needing).

Tied in with excellent cable management facilities, incredible low-decibel performance, and a beautiful build, there are few cases that match how impressive the Define 7 XL is.

We know many users at a higher price-point look for something a little crazier.

But if you’re after a stylish, minimalist PC case with a price built on nothing but pure quality and performance, then this is the best choice and one of our all-time favorite cases.

Best Fractal Micro ATX Case: Fractal Design Define Mini C

The Define C is the perfect choice for those after the fantastic features that our top pick offers in a mini-tower form factor.

With the same largely steel exterior and beautiful finish, it retains the same minimalist style Fractal is best at.

Of course with its mATX case size comes less component space, but there’s plenty in here for a mini-tower build, with:

  • 5 x expansion slots (usually 4 in mATX)
  • 315mm GPU clearance with a front fan mounted
  • 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ & 3 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Up to 6 x 120mm fans (with 2 x Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans included)
  • Or up to 1 x 280, 1 x 240 & 1 x 140mm radiators

For its form factor, these specs are great and perfect for a Micro ATX gaming case.

In particular, we like the cooling potential here.

And with the Mini C’s decent airflow/cable management facility, you’ll get decent mileage out of an air/water cooling solution you do go with.

Then tying all that together is the fantastic sound dampening material seen throughout the case; performing comparably to its larger counterparts in noise reduction.

Simply put, the Define Mini C is the best Fractal case available today for MATX builds bar none and perfect for most compact enthusiast builds.

Best Fractal Design Mini ITX Case: Fractal Design Nano S

Finally in our top picks is something designed for those after an extra small Fractal PC case.

The Nano S isn’t just tiny, however, but another example of Fractal employing what feels like wizardry into making a silent case that is as feature-rich as its noisy competitors.

You’re still getting the fantastic sound-dampened steel and classy metallic finish on the outside of the case.

But where this case really shines is its internal specs.

For a case of such tiny dimensions, this Fractal ITX case still manages to include:

  • 2 x expansion slots
  • 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ & 2 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • 315 GPU length clearance (still enough for most mainstream cards, but be careful on width, check dimensions).
  • Up to 5 x 140mm + 120mm fans (with 1 x 140mm / 1 x 120mm included)
  • Or up to 2 x 240mm & 2 x 120mm radiators

Yes, compared to most on our list these aren’t that impressive.

But for an ITX case? Wow!

There is so much capability here for great cooling, powerful GPU installation, and decent storage (many ITX cases only include 1-2 2.5″ drive bays).

Alongside a decent ITX motherboard, this would be perfect for a portable PC case (for gaming/LAN parties or even a travel HTPC).

The possibilities with the Nano S are very impressive.

Anybody building an mITX build will know they’re not going to get quite the same performance as a larger build.

But we have to say, if your heart is set on the form factor, you can still have a powerful, quiet machine in the Nano S.

Not only is it the best Fractal PC case for mITX builds, but one of the best from any brand on the market today.

Quick-Fire Alternatives – Best of the Rest

While the top picks are our favorites, we’ve included a few other options for the minority of readers who may have very specific requirements.

Best Fractal ATX Case Alternative: Fractal Design Define 7

The Define 7 is a wonderful case and 2 iterations up from the R5.

While we love this chassis, we think the R5 strikes a better balance price-wise; and those with less price concern would largely be better off with the 7 XL.

But if this case fits your spec needs better, know it is very much in the same realm of fantastic quality.

Best ITX Alternative / Console Shaped PC Case: Fractal Design Node 202

As much as we love the Nano C, if you’re after the smallest Fractal PC case possible, or one with a console/horizontal aesthetic. this is the choice for you.

Check out our review on our silent cases feature.

Cheapest Fractal Design Case: Fractal Design Core 1100

The Core 1100 is a very impressive offering for its price point and would be a great choice for a very cheap budget PC.

The reason we don’t rate it highly is because it doesn’t have quite the level of quality, features, and noise-dampening we love from Fractal.

But if your budget is very tight, it is a fantastic choice.

Best Cube PC Case / mATX Alternative: Fractal Design Node 804

If you want the Fractal Design quality but something a little…different, then the Node 804 is a great choice.

Fractal Budget ATX Case Alternative: Fractal Design Focus G

One of the most popular Fractal cases, you may have expected this to rank more highly.

While the Focus G isn’t a bad case, we think it loses out in quality to its more minimalist counterparts.

What’s more, be aware the case seems to have some quality control problems (likely due to the very low price point for its feature set).

What's Next?

The 15 Best Thermaltake Cases in 2021

Best Thermaltake Case

The 15 Best Thermaltake Cases in 2021

Kaelum Ross


Dec 28, 2020

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Rivaled by very few in size, Thermaltake is one of the biggest and best manufacturers in the PC case business.

They’ve been in the game for a while, and it shows in their enormous line of fantastic towers today.

If you’re looking at their fantastic line-up, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot to choose from.

Which is why today’s feature breaks down the best Thermaltake cases for gaming, production, streaming, and more (for all different sizes & budgets).

Top Picks

Worth Considering: Thermaltake P-Series

Best of the Rest: Quick-Fire Picks

Overall Best Thermaltake Case: Thermaltake Core P3

What a fantastic chassis this is.

Featured several times previously on What in Tech, the Core P-series is the best there is when it comes to high-visibility PC cases.

Our top pick from this iconic range is the P3; which strikes the best balance between cost and spec for most mid-range gaming/enthusiast builds.

The build quality of the P3 is fantastic. With a beautiful, thick tempered-glass surrounding the top side and a base made up of high-quality SPCC steel.

It’s deceptively sturdy, with options for vertical, horizontal, or wall-mounted placements (it’s also by far the best wall-mount case available should you be inclined). 

The P3 is a mid-tower (ATX compatible case) with room for:

  • 8 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 450mm (if radiator reservoir removed) with vertical install options
  • Hidden 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ and accessible 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ drive bays

This is a decent spec for an ATX case, you’ll have all the room you need in here for any of the mainstream GPUs.

We like that it manages to retain a good amount of storage capability considering the chassis is so exposed and focussed on high visibility (drives often get “shafted” in cases like this).

Don’t be intimidated by the way the Core P3 looks compared to a more traditional chassis.

It’s deceptively easy to build in because you have lots of room to play around with (no awkwardly leaning into a case!).

Finally is the cooling, which this tower simply excels at.

You have the capability for either 3 x 140mm fans or up to 1 x 420mm radiator.

While this may not sound like much for cooling, the P series units are the best Thermaltake cases for airflow, with their open-air design.

So essentially, you can get amazing cooling/overclocking potential with fewer fans – a real bonus in terms of value too.

If you’re after something extra special, capable, and with excellent value for your next build, it’s hard to find better than the P3.

Runner-Up Best Thermaltake Case: Thermaltake H200 TG RGB

As much as we love the Core P3, we know that many of you will be looking for more of a “traditional” PC case.

If that’s you, Thermaltake has a great option in the H200 TG RGB.

At an impressively low price-tag, the case comes with the aesthetic, build quality, and size that is perfect for most mid-range gaming/production builds.

With a well-finished SPCC steel exterior, tied with a nice full-length tempered glass window and slick RGB light, the case looks and feels great powered on.

This is one of the flagship Thermaltake ATX case offerings, with:

  • 7 x Expansion slots
  • VGA length clearance of 320mm
  • Up to 2 x 3.5″ or 3 x 2.5″ drives (or 1 of each), all hidden
  • Up to 6 x 120mm fans with 1 included (great for the price)
  • Or up to 1 x 280mm + 1 x 240mm radiators

These are all pretty standard specs for a mid-tower case.

And we don’t mean that badly, the great thing about the H200 is that it ticks all of the expected boxes that you need for typical builds.

The only area it is lacking on a tad is storage capability, but there is easily enough here for gamers and most common builds.

Though if you’re looking at something very high-end or for high-storage production (video editing, etc.) then see our top premium pick below.

The cooling capability of the case is great for the price range.

With enough room to comfortably cable manage also, you have the ability to avoid main-chamber clutter (helping airflow and aesthetic).

The H200 accomplishes everything the average gaming build needs, and does so with a nice style and build quality.

If this is the kind of budget you had in mind for a PC case, know it’s an excellent choice.

Best Budget Thermaltake Case: Thermaltake S100

There are plenty of cheap Thermaltake cases on the list that are excellent for their value (including our runner-up pick directly above).

But the cheapest among them is the S100.

And what’s more impressive is the case still offers a good amount of utility for its price tag.

With a gorgeous minimalist design, tempered glass window, and SPCC steel exterior, you’re still getting some really impressive quality.

The S100 is a Micro ATX case, which we often recommend for budget builds because they are typically cheaper (as are mATX motherboards). In fact, we rate this as the best Micro ATX case available today.

This case is also on the larger side of the form factor too, so no concerns for newer builders about trying to build something intricate.

With space for:

  • 4 x expansion slots
  • VGA lengths up to 330mm
  • 2 x 2.5″ & 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ drive bays
  • Up to 6 x 120mm fans (with 1 pre-installed)

Some of these specs are really impressive for a cheap mATX case.

You comfortably have all the storage, GPU, and cooling capability you’ll need for a budget gaming build here.

The fact that this all comes in such a nice design and build is really an impressive feat.

Not only is this the best budget Thermaltake PC case, but one of the best for tight pockets from any manufacturer.

Best EATX Case / Premium Pick: Tower 900

What an absolute beast of a chassis the Tower 900 is.

If you’re looking to build the most powerful PC possible, whether gaming, editing, server, or other high-end production builds, you’ll find few better than this.

Featured several times on What in Tech, there is so much this unit has to offer.

Starting with the build quality: you’re getting a very high-quality SGCC steel exterior with 3 thick, tinted tempered glass windows.

Not only is it one of the most durable PC cases we’ve ever come across, but its one of the best chassis to show off your internal parts (stock photos do not do it justice).

With its “super tower” form factor, the T900 has space for:

  • E-ATX motherboard compatibility
  • 8 x Expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 400mm
  • 1 x 5.25 “, 6 x 3.5″ / 2.5 ” and  2 x 2.5″ drive bays

Whatever your build requirements, it’s hard to imagine needing more than the internal spec offered here.

And what’s more, the Tower 900 is one of the best modular cases today.

This means it gives you a huge amount of customization potential, like removing bays and reservoirs you don’t need for better airflow/aesthetic.

Speaking of airflow…

The Tower 900 is the best Thermaltake case for water cooling, air cooling, or a hybrid solution (and one of the best from any brand).

With up to:

  • 13 x 120mm fans
  • 1 x 560mm & 1 x 480mm radiators (which can be combined with 5 x 120mm fans)

The specs speak for themselves; with an insane combination of top-of-the-line build quality, modularity, space, and airflow design.

Simply put: if you’re looking to build the most powerful rig you possibly can, this is easily the best Thermaltake computer case to accomplish it.

Best Thermaltake Micro ATX Case: Thermaltake Level 20 VT

If you’re looking for a “traditional” micro ATX case for your next build, we’ve already got you covered with our top budget pick above, the S100.

If however, you’re after the best innovation that Thermaltake has created for the form factor, that’s the 20 VT.

With its thick SPCC steel frame being accompanied by tempered glass windows, this is a fantastic high visibility / clear PC case, perfect for showing off your Micro ATX components.

Despite its very transparent design, it’s still very sturdy compared to other mATX chassis and would make a great portable PC case.

The space is impressive for its cube design/size too, with:

  • 5 expansion slots
  • VGA lengths up to 350mm (great for mATX)
  • 3 x 2.5″ & 3 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ drive bays
  • Fan cooling: up to 7 x 120mm + 1 included high-quality RGB 200m fan on the front
  • Water cooling: up to 3 x 240mm & 1 x 120mm radiators

Let us re-iterate: for the form factor, these are really good specs.

And when a manufacturer goes for a unique, cube PC case shape, those dimensions also tend to hurt the internal capability.

But clearly that hasn’t happened here; you have everything you need for a gaming, streaming, or production PC.

What’s more, the case has a great little dual-chamber on its bottom.

This will allow you to hide cables and “uglier” components (HDDs, etc); perfect for a chassis so focussed on high visibility.

The L20VT is great, and easily one of the best Thermaltake towers if you’re looking for a balance between form factor and capability.

Best Thermaltake Mini ITX Case: Thermaltake Core V1

This is one of the most popular mini ITX towers of all time (and for a good reason).

The Core V1 is a tiny, console-sized PC case.

But despite that, it still manages some impressive internal specs and a very nice build quality for the price (it’s one of the most featured cases on What in Tech).

With an SPCC/tempered glass exterior and multiple effective mesh panels; the case is sturdy, looks unique, and does pretty well airflow-wise (for an ITX case).

With room for:

  • 2 x expansion slots
  • 2 x 2.5″ & 2 x 3.5″ hidden drive bays
  • Graphics cards lengths up to 285mm
  • 1 included 200mm fan + space for 2 x 80mm fans

These specs are really impressive for the dimensions.

To put it in context, we’ve seen larger ITX cases with just 1 x 2.5″ drive bay, and way less cooling capability.

The fact that the drives are also hidden is a cherry on top (because why build an ITX case without a clean aesthetic?).

Yes, the GPU length clearance is a little low, but that’s what you can expect with mITX.

This is still one of the best ITX cases for gaming because you’ll be able to fit a good portion of mainstream cards in here.

(If you’re looking at something like a GTX 3090, then you should look at the other larger form factor picks above).

Overall, we’re really impressed with how much the Core V1 has to offer.

With such a small price tag, you get a great fan, build quality and capability for your tiny build.

This is not just the best Thermaltake ITX case, but arguably one of the best chassis of all time for the tiny form factor.

Worth Considering: Thermaltake P-Series

Our top Core P pick is the fantastic Thermaltake P3, as it caters to the most common mid-range gaming/enthusiast builds.

That said, there are other P-series cases of different sizes/price ranges that are also fantastic. We’ve broken them down briefly below for different needs.

Thermaltake Core P1

The Mini ITX choice – this is one of the best options if you’re building a smaller machine and want to show off the internal components (with great space/airflow for the size too).

Thermaltake Core P5

Very similar to the P3, but with more height/depth for freedom in your build and additional glass side panels (if you would prefer a more closed-off case that still has high visibility).

Thermaltake Core P90

For those after something extra unique, the Core P90 retains all of the great performance/build quality that the traditional P series units have and adds a second chamber to separate your “less attractive” parts, great for airflow and aesthetic.