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The 10 Best PC Case Brands in 2021

Best PC Case Brand

The 10 Best PC Case Brands in 2021

Kaelum Ross


Dec 28, 2020

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After our endless amounts of case reviews over different categories, budgets, shapes, and sizes, it’s clear that some chassis brands have shined better than others.

But which manufacturer makes the best quality computer cases?

Today’s What in Tech feature breaks down the best PC case brands on the market today depending on what you’re looking for.

Treat this page as a hub, as we’ve got separate features on the best cases from each of these manufacturers in the links below.

Best PC Case Brands

Overall Best PC Case Brand: Lian-Li

Oh boy, was it hard to decide how to rank this top spot.

Specifically, the battle between Lian-Li and Fractal Design was neck and neck; with both manufacturers offering absolutely incredible cases across most typical buying criteria.

But as it stands right now, we have to give the accolade to Lian-Li.

You may not be as familiar with this manufacturer as say, Corsair or Thermaltake.

But they’ve been in the PC Case business for a long time. Their flagship models today strike an incredible balance between aesthetics, build quality, internal spec, airflow, and cooling capability.

All wrapped into price tags that feel too good to be true next to some of its competitors.

The PC-011 Dynamic, in particular, is what we consider to be the best PC case available today.

Lian-Li is a seasoned manufacturer on the top of their game.

You really can’t beat their top cases for overall value whether you’re after a PC case for gaming, streaming, or production (whether high-end or more budget-leaning).

All of this is why we consider Lian-Li the best computer case brand on the market today.

Best PC Case Brand for Silent Builds: Fractal Design

Now like we said, our number one pick on this list was very hard to finalize.

Fractal Design feels just as deserving to take the top spot.

With a similarly incredible execution in balancing quality, design, and internal specs with fantastic pricing, Fractal has been my personal go-to choice for PC cases for a long time.

There is one key area that separates Fractal and Lian-Li: noise vs airflow.

Fractal Design is the undisputed king of silent PC cases.

They manage to achieve this by surrounding their high-quality exteriors with sound dampening insulation, setups that minimize internal vibrations, and side panels that are (usually) covered in thick metal instead of thinner tempered glass.

With this approach comes a set of very minimalist PC case designs that are beautifully subtle and practically silent (particularly in their mid/high-end models).

With that increased insulation comes a slight loss in airflow/cooling capability.

Now make no mistake, for the amount of sound dampening Fractal achieves in its cases, they still perform very well in temperature benchmarks (often beating many cases that have more ventilation openings) and are more than capable of running a powerful PC.

We just think that for the average builder, the perks of slightly superior airflow and a case focussed on high visibility (for your beautiful RGB components!) will win you over.

But if having a quiet case is even a little bit important to you, know that Fractal Design is easily one of the best PC case brands today, and its flagship models are incredible products.

Runner-Up Best PC Case Brand: Phanteks

Phanteks are one of the more popular manufacturers on this list with a huge variety of great towers.

Among them is one of the best PC cases today in the P400, a great case for first-time builders, and some of the most innovative high-end cases in the Enthoo 719 and the EVOLV series.

Even Phantek’s cheap to mid-range cases are often built with a level of quality that you’d pay more for from many other brands.

We don’t think their offerings in the mid-range are quite as good as Lian-Li and Fractal.

But that’s only because the PC-011 and the Define R5/7 are such fantastic computer cases, it’s hard to compete with them.

But if your budget is a little shorter than those chassis, or is much higher that you’re looking for a specialist case like the Enthoo 719, then Phanteks are still well worth considering.

Best PC Case Brand for Premium Options: Thermaltake

One of the best selling brands on this list, Thermaltake has some fantastic cases on offer.

Although for your typical tower build, our top picks may provide slightly better value, Thermaltake has a couple of special things on offer:

Yes, you are paying a little more for some unique aesthetics, but design is a big factor when buying your case.

Thermaltake is, to put it simply,  a great choice if you’re looking to build something extra unique to show off.

Most Stylish PC Case Brand: NZXT

We’re sure most of you are very familiar with NZXT, and there’s a good reason for that.

Few other brands have made their mark through sticking to a slick, striking aesthetic as this manufacturer.

Most of the flagship models have decent SGCC steel build qualities with some beautiful matte finishes.

NZXT’s cases aren’t just pretty though; they also offer plenty of utility for a large variety of builds.

Their flagship H510 model in particular is a fantastic mid-range case, and we appreciate that they offer comparable quality across their mATX and ITX variants.

If the aesthetic of NZXT is up your alley, know their cases are a great choice for more than just looks.

Most Popular PC Case Brand (Best for Variety): Corsair

There’s probably not a person reading this who doesn’t have some dealing with Corsair.

This classic brand has had cases featured throughout tons of our reviews.

One case, in particular, has been featured more than any other to date: the Corsair Crystal Series 680X (one of the best premium cases available today).

Although we like cases like the PC-011 and the Define R5/7 over Corsair’s mid-range offerings, it is simply incredible how many chassis this brand manufactures at any one time.

Anything from unique designs, to RGB powerhouses to dual-chamber setups, one thing we really commend Corsair for is offering as much variety as possible for its enormous consumer base.

They’re a great brand to pay attention to if you’re focussed on picking something extra unique.

Best Traditional PC Case Brand: SilverStone

On the other end of the variety spectrum is SilverStone.

This classic manufacturer is great at sticking to what it knows best: making traditional-style no-frills PC cases.

And we don’t mean that negatively by any means.

SilverStone cases still look great and perform very well for the price, if you’re after something more minimalist (and aren’t interested in Fractal Design) then this should be your go-to.

Another area they shine in is in the world of horizontal PC cases; combined with their simplistic designs, SilverStone cases are perfect for someone looking for an HTPC case.

Great Unique Cases Alternative: InWin

While not taking any particular top spot, InWin is still a great PC brand that we particularly enjoy for creating some very unique offerings that perform as well as they look.

Cases like the D-Frame, 905, A1 Plus, and 925 have designs you simply won’t find from any other manufacturer; so don’t write them off.

Good All-Round Case Options: Cooler Master

Another very popular manufacturer, Cooler Master has made a name for themselves by offering a great variety of cases in all different shapes and sizes – particularly working well as a cheap PC case brand, with a huge array of budget options.

Both their cheap and premium options are worth considering; our standout choice from them is easily the Cosmos C700P  – this is one of the best choices for high-end enthusiast builds.

The only reason we don’t rank them higher is some of the other manufacturers above simply tend to offer more with their competing products in each price range.

Runner-Up Best Silent PC Cases: Be Quiet!

Last but not least is another option for those after a quiet PC case.

As much as we love Fractal Design, if for whatever reason you are looking for an alternative (be it aesthetic or stock/budget issues), Be Quiet!’s range, as the name would suggest, offer excellent noise-reduction solutions.

The Silent Base 801 in particular is a stand-out offering from them, which you can read more about in our coverage here.


Honorable Mentions

While the above are the best PC case brands on the market today, there are still some other great manufacturers that you shouldn’t look down upon if you’ve found something out of this list that takes your eye.

We have, for example, previously recommended cases from Antec, ASUS, Anidees, Cougar, Azza, EVGA & darkFlash.

None of these brands are bad, (Antec for instance once manufactured one of the most popular cases on the market).

It’s just that the above 10 will cover a large majority of user needs and be the best balance of build quality, price, and features.

But if you’re looking for something extra unique, check out our feature on just that.

What's Next?

The 5 Best Be Quiet! Cases in 2021

Best Be Quiet Case

The 5 Best Be Quiet! Cases in 2021

Kaelum Ross


Dec 28, 2020

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Be Quiet! has been a sleeper-hit in the PC case manufacturing game for years now.

While they’re not as big a brand as say, Corsair or Thermaltake, they’ve made a name for themselves amongst being one of the best choices for a silent PC case 

That’s why we’ve built today’s feature to guide you through the best Be Quiet! PC cases for your next gaming, streaming, or production build (with different budgets in mind).

Top Picks

Overall Best Be Quiet! Case: Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 / BG029

Update: We originally reviewed the Silent Base 801 at around $150. The stock for this model appears to be a little slim. if you’re seeing out of stock or dramatically higher prices, a good alternative to the 801 is the Silent Base 601.

Iomfortably taking our top spot is the fantastic Silent Base 801.

Ranked as one of our favorite picks in What in Tech’s silent PC case feature, this chassis excels at offering excellent sound dampening and performance.

With an exterior made largely of insulated steel, the cases finished looks and feels high quality and is of course, specialized to reduce noise as much as possible.

It does a fantastic job of just that, especially considering its mid-tier pricing.

The only similar cases rivaling it in this department/price range are our top Fractal Design picks.

The SB 801 excels in space too; this Be Quiet! mid-tower has room for:

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 449mm
  • 5 x 3.5″ & 11 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Air cooling: Up to 7 x 140mm with 3 high-quality 140mm fans included.
  • Water cooling: Up to 1 x 420, 1 x 360 & 1 x 140mm radiators

It’s not a small case by any means, but the specs for its dimensions are still impressive.

You have all of the GPU and storage room you could need, whether you’re looking for a gaming PC case or something more production focussed.

There’s plenty of cooling capability in the 801 too.

A case optimized for silence will never provide the same airflow as a louder tower (it’s the trade-off for sound dampening insulation).

However, this chassis still does a great job of maintaining decent temps, and provides great value out of the box with its 3 included fans.

Another feature we like is the front I/O panel fan controller designed to allow you to control the fan speed.

This isn’t a unique feature by any means, but nice to have it integrated into a build focussed on noise reduction.

What the Silent Base 801 does so well is balance all the features we expect anybody building a quiet mid-range build would need.

Build quality, size, internal features, low noise all in a decent price tag; this is why we consider the 801 the best Be Quiet! computer case today.

Runner-Up Pick: Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Our second-place pick comes for those looking for the best Be Quiet case for airflow (in the mid-range pricing).

The 500DX trades in sound dampening panels for tempered glass internal views and more intake on the side.

Make no mistake, the build quality of the case is still great, with a design a little less minimalist compared to the 801 (with some beautiful RGB lighting included).

The 500DX still performs notably quieter than your average mid-range case with its 3 included silent fans and dampening panels on the non-window side of the case.

There’s decent space inside this Be Quiet! ATX case too, with:

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPUs up to 369mm in length (enough for nearly all mainstream cards)
  • 2 x 3.5″ & 5 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Up to 5 x 140mm fans (with 3 high-quality silence-optimized fans included)

There is less fan availability than the 801. However, this is partially made up for by the increased airflow capability of the 500DX.

The issue with this increased airflow comes when your build is under high load (say, playing intensive games, video editing, etc.); you will hear noise levels akin to a more typical chassis.

This is where you will see where the 500DX has chosen to focus on cooling over noise dampening like our top pick.

That doesn’t make this case worse than the 801, it just depends on what your priorities are.

We chose the 801 as our top because it has a great balance between cooling and sound (and is still more than capable of hosting a powerful gaming build at reasonable temps).

But make no mistake, if you prefer the aesthetic and airflow focus of the 500DX, it’s a great pickup and a tad cheaper than the 801.

Best Budget Be Quiet! Case: Be Quiet! Pure Base 600

Arguably one of the best budget quiet PC cases from any brand, the Pure Base 600 has a lot going for it in its price tag.

You’re still getting an exterior with steel elements (albeit more plastic) that looks and feels higher quality than the price may suggest.

The dampening is, of course, not going to be the same quality/thickness as you’ll see in the 801 and other premium picks.

But it still manages an impressive low-noise level that we think would meet most expectations for a budget gaming PC case (or even one for streaming and video/music production).

Spec-wise, this is another mid-tower, with:

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPUs up to 280mm (or 425mm without HDD cage)
  • 2 x 5.25″, 3 x 3.5″ & 8 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Up to 4 x 140mm + 1 x 120mm fans (with 1 140mm & 1 120mm Pure Wings 2 fans included)

The fact that you are getting 2 high-quality Be Quiet! fans in a case already cheap on its own is a really impressive value-add.

With plenty of storage capability here too, you’re covered for most builds – and the case has good modularity with options to remove some of the HDD cages to make room for larger GPUs should your build be gaming focussed.

If your wallet is tight or you just want to dip your toes into the world of silent PC building, the Pure Base 600 is a great starting point, and easily the best budget Be Quiet! PC case on the market.

Best Premium Be Quiet! Case: Be Quiet! Dark Base PRO 900

The Pro 900 is Be Quiet!’s answer to any builder who is after the most powerful silent PC build they can possibly create, regardless of price.

We have to point out that there are certainly diminishing returns when comparing the PRO 900 to our top 801 pick or the more expensive Fractal Design choices.

But if you have a larger wallet, this is a very powerful chassis for a high-end build.

One of our favorite features of the 900 (aside from the obvious high-quality design, aluminum/thick steel build, and noise dampening) is the level of modularity this case offers.

So many panels and cages can be removed or repositioned to help you minimize unnecessary parts.

This isn’t just great for airflow, but also reduces any subtler vibrations to optimize low decibel output.

And then there is the incredible space; this Be Quiet! full tower case comes with:

  • E-ATX motherboard support
  • 8 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 325mm (or 470mm without HDD bracket)
  • Up to 2 x 5.25″, 7 x 3.5″ & 14 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Up to 9 x 140mm fans with 3 x Silent Wings 3 140mm fans included (one of the best quiet fans on the market)
  • Or up to 2 x 420mm & 1 x 140mm radiators (could be combined with 2 140mm fans)

The capability in the PRO 900 is some of the highest we’ve seen in any chassis, and it easily comes in as one of the most capable silent PC cases.

With unbelievable storage specs, you have a fantastic PC case for video editing, storage builds, or a high-end HTPC.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to build the most powerful silent gaming PC possible, there is plenty of room in here for a powerful overclocked GPU setup (especially with the excellent cooling capability).

With the amount of space in here though, you don’t have to choose one or the other; this case could easily host a multi-facetted enthusiast build.

If you are without many limits in your budget and are looking for something extra special, the PRO 900 is a great choice.

Honorable Mention: Dark Base Pro 700

Coming in at the end of our list is a mid to high range pick in the Pro 700.

This chassis is still fantastic in its own right, with an exterior largely made of steel, aluminum, and tempered glass; it looks simply beautiful.

Made to be the premium pick in between the price range of the silent base models and the top-end PRO 900, this chassis strikes a good level of quality and has excellent specs/noise dampening for a powerful (yet quiet) build.

The reason we don’t rate it as highly is it comes in at a similar price point to our favorite Fractal Design cases.

And in this specific price range, we think Fractal has the edge.

However, if you happen to prefer the build/design of this case or it meets your spec requirement in a way one of the high-end Fractal cases don’t, know we’ve included it for a reason.

It’s still a great chassis and easily one of the best Be Quiet! towers on the market.

Be Quiet! E-ATX / Micro ATX / Mini ITX PC Cases?

Today, there aren’t any Be Quiet! cases of other form factors we’d recommend (the company specializes in mid towers).

That said, if you’re after a silent case of a different size, there are plenty good options in our quiet PC case feature or our breakdown of the best Fractal Design cases (What in Tech’s favourite case brand for silent cases).

What's Next?