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The 8 Best 1440p 240hz Monitors of 2022

1440p and 240hz? What a time to be alive!

For those after the best gaming display possible, this combination hits an incredible sweet spot between resolution and refresh rate, perfect for competitive and immersive titles.

Today’s feature is here to break down the best 1440p 240hz monitors available for your setup.

Top Picks

Best 1440p 240hz Monitor Alternatives

Upcoming 1440p 240hz Monitors

  • Eve Spectrum 1440p 240hz

Quick Word on Availability/Where to Buy 1440p 240hz Monitors

This technology is very new to the market. Therefore there are, unfortunately, some issues with availability.

Amazon has by far the best selection as it stands, but we will also be including any upcoming 240hz 1440p monitors that may be worth considering and are very regularly updating this list to ensure it’s as accurate as possible for availability/pricing.

Hopefully at least one of our top picks (which are all worthy of a high-end setup) are available for you. But if not, we’ve finished the list with some alternatives if you have no luck finding this spec of monitor available. Now, without further ado…

Overal Best 1440p 240hz Monitor: Alienware AW2721D

Arguably one of the most powerful gaming displays on the market today in any category at its price-point, this Alienware IPS QHD 240hz monitor is a beast.

We previously listed it as our top high-end pick. But over time, Alienware has lowered the price of this offering so it’s actually only slightly more expensive than the other mid-range choices (despite it offering significantly better specs in certain areas). You really feel like you’re getting a premium choice for a deceptively low price with the AW2721D.

Boasting Vega DisplayHDR 600, 1ms GTG response time, and a gorgeous IPS display, this offering has everything we would hope for to accommodate the beast-like 2560 x 1440 240hz leading the monitor’s specs (in other words, you don’t feel like you’re buying a monitor just for 240fps and QHD, the picture quality and latency matches the demands of a premium gaming/e-sports setup).

But let us specifically call out where this Alienware pick excels over the mid-range options below:

  • Up to 600-nits brightness is a fantastic feat with everything else the monitor offers; combined with HDR and the monitor’s contrast capabilities, you’re going to get some fantastic blacks/whites.
  • 98% DCI-P3 color coverage – an insane spec for a monitor focussed on resolution and framerate. You can expect a very vibrant, colorful picture.
  • One of the best build qualities of any gaming monitor on the market – with a beautiful, sturdy design, reliable tilt/swiveling options, and one of the best HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB output setups on the list.

We love how all of these specs have been built on an IPS panel. We would expect, with its clear quality across the board in color, contrast, and latency, for this Alienware offering to be on a TA/VN panel.

But that’s the beauty of this pick; it doesn’t feel like any corners have been cut.

If you’re in the market for the perfect display for esports, immersive gaming, or another type of high-end setup, we think this is the one for you.

At an incredible price for the way it balances refresh rate, picture quality, response time, build and design; this is, without doubt, the best 1440p 240hz monitor on the market today.

2022 update: Last year was a great one for 1440p 240hz offerings, but we think the AW2721D still represents the best value on the market today. Though we do recommend considering our below picks if you are into a specific type of monitor (e.g. curved, ultrawide) and to also check that no choice is on offer (we’ve seen a lot of these choices on discount in the last year, it’s worth checking each).

Best Budget 1440p 240hz Monitor: HP Omen X 27” 240 Hz 1ms Monitor

Update note: While this HP Omen choice is usually going to be one of the cheapest 240hz 1440p monitors available for you, be sure to check the prices of our top overall, curved, and second-best IPS options, as these are all occasionally on discount.

Ranking consistently as one of the top picks through all of our updates, this cheap 240hz 1440p HP monitor is fantastic, and our favorite TN panel choice.

The Omen X’s screen still boasts a lot of what gamers will look for in such a high-spec display, including:

  • 1ms response time: perfect for avoiding ghosting on hud-based games and blur on fast-motion titles
  • AMD Radeon Freesync 2 HDR & G-sync compatibility
  • With 90% DCI P3 color spectrum and up to 400 nits brightness, you’ll be getting fantastic color accuracy for TN.

Although the specs aren’t as good as our top pick, you can still expect a great picture quality for competitive gaming, immersive titles, media, and general use.

While a lot of people prefer IPS over a TN panel, the monitor still demonstrates sharp colors, blacks, and decent viewing angles.

With its low latency (1ms) and high refresh rate, this is one of the best monitors for Fortnite, PUBG, and readers who take competitive gaming/esports seriously but can’t stretch their budgets any further.

Having a reliable low input lag is, in our opinion, the most important quality in choosing the best budget 1440p 240hz monitor, so we’re pleased to see this pick retains that despite being one of the cheapest picks on the list.

The one notable downside of the Omen X is its stand/mount. While it looks fantastic, it’s disappointing that for this price-range, HP hasn’t included a rotatable/tiltable stand or easy cable routing/management options in the back.

With that said, the important thing here is the quality of the picture and response; and boy does the Omen X smash this department at a price we would not expect this to be achieved in.

Not only is this the best cheap 1440p 240hz monitor, but if it’s a very respectable alternative to our top Alienware pick, and worth picking up if that model is out of stock or your price range.

Best Curved 1440p 240hz Monitor: SAMSUNG 32-inch Odyssey G7

We know that for many gamers, having a curved monitor is an important factor (if you’re never used one before, it’s hard to describe the additional immersion it can add in words).

If that describes you, then this Samsung QHD display is a fantastic choice and comes in at a very impressive low price-point (that often rivals our cheapest 1440p 240hz display picks).

With a choice of the usual 27″ size or a gorgeous large 32″ display, the Odyssey G7 comes with up to 600-nits brightness, 1ms grey to grey response time, and decent color accuracy. In other words, the Odyssey G7 still meets many of the specs integral to a premium gaming monitor.

The 1000R curve is stunning too. The angles from the curvature provide a unique, immersive bonus that suits what we think most people will be looking for.

This Samsung offering is a VA 1440p 240hz display; this panel type is good at balancing viewing angles/display quality and reliable response times at a lower price.

So with all that said, why isn’t this our top overall/budget choice? Well it is a close one to call, but the Odyssey G7 has a couple of slight cons:

  1. While the picture quality and brightness on this monitor is still great by most gaming display standards, the other main choices on this list come out slightly ahead in providing a very vibrant picture (especially the Alienware pick).
  2. Some users report G-sync issues in regards to flickering (though using this software isn’t a necessity for a great display and an overwhelming majority of users appear to have no issue)
  3. The package doesn’t include the high-quality cabling you’d expect for a premium monitor. To get the full potential of your picture, you’ll need to pick up some VEGA-certified cabling (it’s not a big deal, just a bit disappointing for a monitor of this caliber).

Now don’t mistake us; this is still a fantastic display.

The build quality/design is beautiful (as you’d expect from Samsung), the curvature is fantastic and nearly all the specs are very impressive for being one of the cheapest choices on this list.

If a curved gaming monitor is important to you, we think the Odyssey G7 is a great choice.

Best Ultrawide 1440p 240hz Monitor (High-End Choice): SAMSUNG 49-inch Odyssey G9

What an incredible display this is.

Let’s start by being clear; this is the most expensive monitor choice on the list by far and is a very premium offering.

But if you have the budget, what you are getting is a pick that excels across the board and offers an unparalleled gaming/work screen real estate.

Let’s start with the obvious, and re-iterate; this is a 49″ super ultrawide 240hz monitor.

The “super” isn’t just a marketing term, this means the monitor extends beyond the usual UWQHD resolution of 3440×1440 (21:9) and is instead a whopping 5120×1440 (32:9).

Doubling the width of the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, what you are getting in the Odyssey G9 is essentially 2 traditional 1440p monitors in 1. 

Reaching this as QHD alone is impressive, but with 240hz too? This display is simply stunning and alongside its very deep 1000R curvature, offers incredible levels of immersion during gaming, and a wonderful space for productivity/general use

We’re pleased to say that this monitor excels in its other main specs too, with up to 1000 cd/m^2 and a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the blacks/whites and brightness on this display are breathtaking (especially with HDR1000 content).

Color-wise, you’re getting a 125% typical SRGB coverage, 0.95 DCI color gamut, and 92% Adobe RGB coverage. The panel is VA, but between these specs and the QLED backlighting/quantum-dot technology the display runs with, the monitor is still able to offer the kind of picture vibrancy you expect from a high-end choice.

We’re happy to still see a 1ms GTG response time here too, making the odyssey G9 a great choice for ultrawide gaming/esports, as well as ensuring minimal complications with ghosting/blur.

The G9 also boasts support for Radeon FreeSync Premium Pro, one of the latest monitor software technologies for gaming on very high-end displays.

Between all these specs, you can expect the gaming/general use experience to be one of the best you can find on the market.

Now, let’s talk build quality.

Samsung is usually pretty decent at providing beautiful, durable monitors, but this is one of our favorites from them in a while.

With a heavy, sturdy stand, the monitor certainly feels built to last, which is important for something with this aspect ratio and curvature.

Design-wise, I’m sure the pictures of the monitor speak for themselves; looking li