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The 12 Best Video Game Shelves & Storage Cabinets in 2021

Guiding you through the best storage solutions for your gaming collection

Our Top Picks:

Best Video Game Shelves

Creating the perfect gaming room can feel like a monumental task.

One of the biggest factors in the quality of a setup is how you choose to organize your gaming collection (be it games console storage, cases, or peripherals).

Deciding on the best shelves for video gaming storage with your setup demands balancing between price, build quality, functionality, and a few other areas.

We’ve put together this featured guide to help you through the best video game shelves available today with consideration for different styles, budgets, and requirements.

Note: We know readers will be looking for different types of storage for their gaming collections.

This is why the article covers multiple types: Gaming shelves, TV stands, floating gaming shelves, & games console charging cabinets.

Skip to the section relevant to you if you know what you’re looking for.

Top Picks

Atlantic Oskar 464

Overall Best Video Game Shelves


Material: Wood | Dimensions: 25.13″ W x 7.25″ D x 54.00″H | Rows: 12 (Adjustable) | Weight: 33.8lbs | Game Storage: Up to 276


+ Decent quality

+ Best value

+ Great look

+ High storage capability

 − Slightly heavy for size
 − Self-assembly

The top pick comes from Atlantic, a brand that offers a huge array of gaming shelves.

The one that stands out most is the Oskar 464 media cabinet.

Boasting an incredible size for the price range ( 25.13″ W x 7.25″ D x 54.00″H), you will be able to store up to 276 video game cases in here.

The cabinet includes 12 adjustable rows which are an awesome feature for gaming shelves.

This customizability will give you the freedom to store more depending on what you have (e.g. controllers, memorabilia, or a DVD/media cabinet hybrid).

We expect the Oskar 464 to accommodate the majority of your gaming collection (or if not, most of it alongside a tv stand/secondary option below).

The unit looks sleek and modern; perfect for a cool gaming room setup with multiple decent color options available.

Despite this value offering, the Oskar does not feel cheap.

With a solid wood composite build and plenty of fixtures to keep it firmly in place, the build quality is fantastic for the price (self-assembly).

The unit weighs 33.8lbs which puts it in comfortably in the “mid-tier” range – > not too heavy to adjust position if needed, but not so light it cannot support your requirements.

The one thing that can let some of the Atlantic shelves down is the slight lack of stabilization on the thinner cabinets they create.

However, with the 464, you’re getting the best of both worlds: wide enough (double cabinet) that it is stable and hosts an amazing space for gaming storage, but not so wide it demands more space in your room than your collection needs.

If you’re looking for a sharp balance between style, affordability, size, and quality, then these units are easily the best video game shelves available for you.

Best Budget Video Game Shelves: Atlantic Drawbridge

For the best budget gaming storage pick, we return to Atlantic for a smaller product.

The Drawbridge is a cheap gaming shelf option with 36″ L X 19″ W X 7″ D dimensions and space for up to 132 games.

This is still a decent size and a sensible pick for smaller collections (you could also buy a second one at a later date to up-scale).

The 4 included shelves are all adjustable which will allow you to make the most of smaller dimensions.

The unit looks sleek and modern, perfect for a cool gaming room setup with multiple decent color options available.

While not quite the same build quality as the Oskar, the Drawbridge still feels and looks great with a sleek matte black finish.

We’ve chosen the drawbridge over other single-column Atlantic (or other manufacturers) offerings for the budget pick as it is still wide enough to avoid stabilization issues seen in many of the slimmer shelving units.

If your budget is tight or you simply have a smaller collection/space available, know that we put the Drawbridge so highly on the list for a reason.

With it managing to retain great style, quality, and space in its price point, we’re confident these units are the best cheap video game shelves available today.

Best Premium Video Game Shelves: Homissue Industrial Open Bookcase 7-Tier

The Homissue IOB7 is not advertised as a “video game shelf” unit.

However, if you’re looking for something higher-end, we’d recommend this over the expensive storage cabinets “marketed” for games.

This is because the Homissue really stands out in build quality, design, and space – way more than other units in its price range.

Built with high-quality MDF and a rich steel tube frame, the unit is very sturdy which is especially impressive considering its monumental size.

Speaking of size…

The unit has an 84.4″ H x 23.3″ W x 11.8″ D dimensions across 7 shelves.

The space between its shelves is more than enough for your video game collection.

We like this because for a higher-end pick, presentation-wise you want your collection to have room to “breathe”.

Dedicated “video game shelves” can often feel a bit cramped in comparison (but if you have a massive collection, check out the pick directly below).

The other added bonus to the immense build quality is the 32kg carrying capability on each shelf.

This makes it one of the best video game console storage tower options on the list if you wanted to use your shelving for more than just game cases.

(Looking for more of a traditional high-end video game shelf unit? The best we would recommend is the Atlantic 4-tier rotating cube unit.)

The final plus of the Homissue is the MDF and steel tubing both have beautiful finishes giving the shelves a very high-quality presentation.

Some shelves for gaming storage look a little outdated.

But the Homissue fits in perfectly with more modern aesthetic if you’re looking for a sleek gaming room setup.

We’d argue that this unit doesn’t just have amazing build quality and space, but is also the best looking video game storage option available.

Best Video Game Shelves for Large Collections: Revolving Media Tower 1600

If you have a large collection, an obvious option is to buy multiple units of the other shelving on this list.

But for the best video game storage organizer, we’d recommend a resolving shelf option.

These storage cabinets resolve 360 degrees and have 4 sides of storage shelving for your media.

The Media Tower 1600 specifically stands out here, with the capacity to hold up to 960 video games.

This is an incredible amount, and being able to achieve it in the space of a normal shelving unit due to the revolving setup is fantastic.

The 1600 is also well built, with a fiberglass swivel plate designed to endure the immense weight such a collection could result in.

Additionally, the base weight of the unit is sturdy at 125 lbs and is made of wood composite (with some MDF inclusion for reinforcement).

The unit looks sharp (with multiple color options available) and gives off a strong aesthetic if a collection is filling its visible sides.

There is one downside to this item: the included Lazy Susan (required during assembly to allow the case to spin smoothly) is not high quality.

While it will work; to ensure you can easily spin through your collection, we’d highly recommend just adding this superior Lazy Susan to your basket when purchasing.

Regardless, the Media Tower 1600 is an absolute beast, and easily the best media cabinet for large collections available for video games and movies alike.

Best TV Stand for Gaming Storage: WE Furniture Universal Stand

We simply love this cabinet and are not surprised it’s one of the most popular storage options on Amazon.

We’ve included a couple of TV stand choices appreciating that some readers will be looking for a single unit for their TV and also something more accommodating to gaming console storage.

 This cabinet excels across the board.

Build and presentation-wise, the Universal Stand is a decent 70-pound MDF-based unit.

Not only is the MDF accompanied by a beautiful finish, but the stand offers great cable management facilities.

This will be perfect if you’re looking to keep things clean even when running multiple consoles/devices to your TV.

The stand is able to hold up to 250lbs.

This capability, alongside the impressive 24 H x 58 L x 16 W dimensions, means you should have no trouble fitting your core consoles/gaming collection here.

We also give this our top pick due to its open layout.

Not only does this look great, but is essential when wanting to set up console gaming storage (to avoid overheating).

We’ve included a budget option below if this is outside of your price range.

However, if you have the budget available, we can’t recommend this unit highly enough.

Between the quality, size, and presentation, it comfortably holds the best video game TV stand accolade.

Best Budget TV Stand for Gaming Storage: Furinno Turn-N-Tube

If you’re looking for a TV stand/gaming storage hybrid and don’t have the budget (or space requirements) of the top pick, this second option is still an awesome choice.

The Turn-N-Tube is a more “traditional” TV stand with a build from E1 grade composite wood and tighter dimensions at 23.7 W x 23.2 H x 14.6 D.

With this size, you’re of course not getting the space for a large collection or wide TV.

But if your core build is small with only 2-3 consoles, the unit is still perfectly viable.

The unit would also make a great secondary storage unit if you ever get a larger TV and want to fork out on a more premium stand.

If your requirements are basic, this Furinno offering is a very impressive cheap TV stand for gaming storage. 

Best Floating Shelves for Video Game Storage: WALI Floating Shelf

Our next category for gaming storage is those looking for floating fixtures.

These are ideal if you have either a smaller collection or want to neatly display/have easy access to your main games console/gaming library.

Our top pick from WALI is perfect for the task, with 3 shelves of high quality tinted tempered glass.

Not only does this build material choice look great, but they stand strong and can easily support any major gaming console.

The 3 shelves are adjustable (and even separable into a 1 x 2 shelf setup) so you have the customization you need depending on the size requirements.

Routed through the back of the shelf connector is a decent cable management system.

This is what gives the WALI shelves our top pick in the floating category, as you’ll likely be using these for consoles in a highly visible part of your setup.

While the build quality is superb, we like that WALI tops include a 10-year warranty which provides some further confidence in the ability of the cabinet.

Simply put, if you’re looking for wall-mounting storage for your gaming consoles and/or collection, this is a fantastic option.

Best Floating Shelves for Gaming Storage Runner-Up: BAYKA Floating Shelves

Coming in a close second place for the floating shelves category is the fantastic BAYKA offering.

These shelves are closer to traditional wooden shelving, made with high-quality Paulownia wood and metal fixtures.

If you’re after a more “chic” look, these shelves will do well, while still having the sturdiness to accommodate gaming consoles.

The units are of 3 different sizes, with the larger 2 being suitable for consoles and the smaller being more valid for video game case storage.

The build quality and design are really impressive for the price of the units.

The only reason these didn’t get the “top” floating shelf spot is due to the lack of cable management compared to the WALI shelves.

That being said, if you prefer the style, know we’ve included these for a reason.

This BAYKA offering is easily one of the best floating video game shelf units available.

Console-Specific Storage Towers

Last but not least is a selection of video game storage units dedicated to each mainline console: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

These are a great option if you’re looking for dedicated charging, a tight presentation specifically designed for the console, and other unique features.

Best PS4 Video Game Storage Tower: OIVO 4-in-1 Stand

This OIVO offering is the most popular PS4 charging station for a reason.

With an incredible amount of utility for the price, the 4-in-1 stand acts as:

  1. A vertical stand for the main console, whether PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro
  2. Dual charging station for 2 PS4 controllers (with LED status indicators)
  3. Cooling system to work alongside the PS4 heatsink to ensure no overheating issues
  4. Storage of up to 12 PS4 games.

The unit is very well built, looks great (particularly with the LED controller lighting) yet still remains compact and not overbearing.

Even if you have a PS4 games collection larger than 12, we think this is such a fantastic functional setup for your core library and console.

If you’re looking for the best PS4 charging station that also offers great storage and cooling, you’ve found it.

Best Nintendo Switch Video Game Storage Tower: FYOUNG Charging Dock

Next up is the very multi-functional FYOUNG storage unit for switch games storage.

As you can see from the product photo, the dock doesn’t just neatly tie up to 27 Switch games (15 boxes, 12 carts) and your console together in a compact space…

…but also offers a really impressive amount of charging utility all clearly indicated through an LED indicator.

With the ability to charge 8 Joy-cons and 2 Pro controllers at once (even accommodation for poke ball controller charging should you need it).

There isn’t the same level of dedicated cooling as the PS4/XBox One units, but this is not as necessary for the Switch console.

With a solid build quality tying this compact unit together, this is the definitive base for the newest Nintendo console and the best Switch video game storage tower available.

Best Xbox One Video Game Storage Tower: OVIO All-in-One Vertical Stand

Last but not least is the Xbox One equivalent of OVIO’s fantastic PS4 charging station/gaming storage hybrid.

With a very similar set of storage features, great build quality, and cooling, the Xbox One version is just as good for your games console.

The obvious addition here is the inclusion of 2 battery packs to ensure you can charge your Xbox One controllers.

Also similarly, this storage tower supports all types of Xbox One consoles (be it regular, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X).

OVIO’s offering excels for Xbox just as much as PS4 and there is no better alternative.

If you’re looking for the best Xbox charging station that offers great game storage, this is for you.

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