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How to use a Gamecube Controller on Steam

I reviewed this feature in June to fact-check the guide. After a couple of tests on different setups, the steps below are still correct for 2023.

Did you know you can use a GCN gamepad for pretty much any PC game that supports the Xbox 360 controller (and others with a bit more effort)?

We’ve put together the below steps as an easy guide for you to achieve this.

We’re assuming you already have a USB Gamecube adapter (see the links below if not).

This guide is for both the official Nintendo adapters (Wii U / Switch) and the unofficial adapters that support WUP-028 (don’t worry if you don’t know this term, a majority of the adapters, including Mayflash, use this).

Step 1 – Install Wii U USB GCN Adapter / vJoy Device Driver

Firstly, go to Massive’s Gamecube adapter blog and download the latest version of the Wii U USB GCN Adapter (there will be a link near the top of the page).

Once downloaded, you’ll get a standard install prompt, follow the first basic steps as below:

Install wherever you like.

Choose your shortcut preference.

We’ll access the app later so you may like to create a desktop icon.

After these basic steps, you should see the below, click Install.

The program will then run through a brief install and pop-up with the below window.

Note: Please follow this instruction carefully – Ensure you have “WUP-028” selected in the dropdown box (as per the green box below, NOT something else like the red box highlight).

Once WUP-028 is selected, click the “Replace Driver” button (sometimes “Reinstall Driver”).

You should shortly receive the below message after doing this.

Once you close that window, the vJoy Device Driver setup will appear. Click Next.