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How to use a Gamecube Controller on Steam

Did you know you can use a GCN gamepad for pretty much any PC game that supports the Xbox 360 controller (and others with a bit more effort)?

We’ve put together the below steps as an easy guide for you to achieve this.

We’re assuming you already have a USB Gamecube adapter (see the links below if not).

This guide is for both the official Nintendo adapters (Wii U / Switch) and the unofficial adapters that support WUP-028 (don’t worry if you don’t know this term, a majority of the adapters, including Mayflash, use this).

Step 1 – Install Wii U USB GCN Adapter / vJoy Device Driver

Firstly, go to Massive’s Gamecube adapter blog and download the latest version of the Wii U USB GCN Adapter (there will be a link near the top of the page).

Once downloaded, you’ll get a standard install prompt, follow the first basic steps as below:

Install wherever you like.

Choose your shortcut preference.

We’ll access the app later so you may like to create a desktop icon.

After these basic steps, you should see the below, click Install.