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The Best Pink Monitors & Alternatives in 2022

For those with fabulous taste

Pink Monitor

We’re sorry to say there is a severe lack of high-quality pink monitors available in today’s market. In fact, there are only a couple we’d recommend to any of our readers, some with limited availability.

But fear not, today’s feature is not just the best pink display options available, we’ve also collated some great alternatives that will still fit nicely when creating a pink PC setup.

Top Picks
Best Pink Monitor 1

Samsung M8

Overall Best Pink Monitor


Screen Size: 32″ | Panel Type: VA | Resolution: 3840×2160 | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Response Time: 4ms (GtG) |Color Rating: sRGB 99% | Brightness: 400 nits | Contrast Ratio: 3000:1

Our Rating: 85%


+ Stunning build quality and aesthetic

+ Fantastic blacks with HDR10 & high contrast panel

+ 4k at 32″ provides a very crisp image

 − Quite expensive

Although there aren’t many pink monitor offerings available in today’s market, we’re pleased to say that the Samsung M8 is a fantastic choice for many people looking.

First, this is simply a stunning display both in build quality and specification.

With its slim yet sturdy design feeling built to last, alongside the elegant pink and white color combination, this is one of the best-looking monitors of any category we’ve come across. We expect it tastefully complementary in most pink PC setups.

But as important as the aesthetic is, the real value of the M8 comes from its screen.

With a stunning 4K display at 32″, the pixel-per-inch rating (PPI) is very crisp, with no visible pixels at comfortable viewing distances. 

But what really sets the M8 apart is its fantastic 3000:1 contrast ratio, 400 nits brightness, and HDR10+ support.

The combination of these 3 specs (using its VA panel) gives it fantastic blacks and whites compared to other similar market options.

Alongside the excellent contrast is a respectable 99% sRGB color accuracy (nothing to write home about, many monitors at this price point will offer this, but there’s no denying the picture will look stunning with the resolution and blacks working alongside the colors on offer).

The M8 is also designed with smart usage in mind, with a whole host of very intuitive UI, additional smart home features, and the included SlimFit camera – > This would be a worthy choice as a TV/monitor hybrid device for a living room.

The M8 would certainly work as a pink gaming monitor pick; with 4K, low 4ms latency, and crisp blacks making single-player experiences, in particular, stand out.

That said, we think most gamers would prefer the high refresh rate available in our alternative pick further below if this is your main focus.

Aside from that, there’s very little not to like about this Samsung offering other than the price tag (there’s no denying it’s a particularly expensive monitor compared to many mid-range competitors due to its overall quality and included features).

If you have the budget for it, the M8 is easily our top choice for the best pink monitor overall. Between its specs, build and design, it feels like the full package.

Apple 24" M1 iMac

Best Pink Monitor All-in-One PC


Screen Size: 24″| Resolution: Retina  4480×2520 | CPU: Apple M1 8-Core | GPU: Apple M1 8-Core | RAM: 8GB RAM | Storage: 256GB (or 512GB)

Our Rating: 90%


+ Gorgeous, slim aesthetic

+ Well-balanced specs for mid-range use

+ Stunning retina display

 − Includes the usual Apple premium price-tag

If you’re earlier into your journey of creating your dream pink setup (including deciding what PC you want), we think you may well be interested in this next choice.

The iMac, as many of you probably know, is an all-in-one PC monitor, which means your computer itself is included within the display (which is why this offering is significantly more expensive).

One of Apple’s latest rollouts includes a simply stunning pink/red monitor hybrid that is well-built, elegant, and with its in-built PC, designed to look minimalist and uncluttered in a pink setup.

But it’s not just a pretty product, running underneath is the macOS alongside 8GB RAM, 256/512GB storage, a Radeon Pro 555X GPU& the fantastic M1 processor, this iMac strikes a great balance between suiting most mid-range personal/professional users while not going too overkill.

But another reason we feature this so highly in a pink monitor feature is the immense quality of its screen.

With a 4K retina display at just 24 inches, the crisp PPI on this device is insane compared to a large majority of devices on the market. Apple rarely disappoints when it comes to producing very high-quality displays and this iMac is no exception; it’s one of the most beautiful all-in-one PC screens available and pretty much every type of content will look stunning.

Of course, with all of this boasting, comes the price tag; Apple is well known for charging a premium for its products and the latest iMac is no different. With that price tag, you will get a fantastic jack-of-all-trades PC, but combining say, a budget white monitor with a pink PC would be a good alternative if you don’t have the budget for this PC or the expensive pink monitors that are available.

That said, if you’re interested in the nice, smooth experience that Macs tend to offer, alongside a stunning device inside and out, the pink iMac is our top pick for you.

Spectre E248B-FWN168W

Best Pink Gaming Monitor Alternative


Screen Size: 24″ | Panel Type: VA | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: Up to 165Hz | Response Time: 1ms MRPT | Color Rating: sRGB 98% | Brightness: 320 nits | Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Our Rating: 90%


+ Fantastic price-point

+ Great latency and response time for gaming

+ Gorgeous, well-built white aesthetic

 − VA panel with average contrast ratio, we would have preferred to see IPS

You might be scratching your head a little: this isn’t a pink gaming monitor.

You’d be right, but unfortunately, there isn’t a single pink gaming display on the market that we’d recommend. If you’re a gamer (even one focusing on a great aesthetic) we still think having the right internal specs is going to be more important.

Now with that said, we don’t think that means your pink setup should have to settle for a plain-old black monitor that stands out in your color scheme. A white display is a fantastic palette-complimenting option and there are some really excellent products available.

At the top of these choices is this Spectre offering that ticks an impressive amount of budgets despite its low price tag.

Its main two gaming-centric features over our other top picks are its 1ms response time and fantastic 165Hz refresh rate (both work together to make this a monitor suitable for anything from single-player to competitive titles, we can’t attest just how much of an upgrade a high refresh rate, in particular, can feel over 60Hz).

1080p, while not as high-PPI as our top picks, will still look good at 24″. The combination of 1080p @ 165Hz will be a comfortable balance between monitor specs and what your gaming PC can likely output in terms of graphics settings and FPS (there are premium monitors out there with more capability, but unless your PC and GPU are very high-end, you may not be able to utilize their full potential anyway).

If you happen to have a larger budget and want something above the price-point of our top gaming pick, Spectre has a premium white offering that boasts a 40″ QHD curved screen, up to 165hz, and fantastic picture quality. While many of you will be very happy with our top choice, larger budgets (especially those with high-end PCs) will really appreciate the immersion this more expensive screen can offer.

Note: for completion, there is one good “gamer girl” monitor for pink setups in the AOC AG273FXR. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it’s exclusively sold in Singapore.

If any compelling pink gaming monitors enter the market with wide availability, we’ll be updating this article to include our review and recommendation if warranted.

Until then, don’t fret, this Spectre offering is fantastic on the inside and out, and even if you’re focussed on a monotone color setup, we really think this is the best pink gaming display alternative as it will tastefully complement the rest of your aesthetic while also giving you a screen that performs excellently for gaming.

Best Pink Monitor Cover: Monfurise 20″-29″ Cover

If you’re disappointed by the lack of pink offerings, a great alternative for you may be this cute pink monitor cover that would work perfectly with the common mid-20″ black monitors on the market.

Best Cheap Pink Monitor

We appreciate many of you may be looking for budget pink monitor options.

Unfortunately, because of how limited this aesthetic is, there aren’t any cheaper mainstream options we’d recommend (if they become available, we’ll be updating this feature to include worthwhile ones).

We think your best bet as an alternative to a cheap pink monitor is picking up one of the many great white monitors available (like our top gaming pick above), these will still look great in any pink-focussed setup (especially compared to a black display).

If however, you’re insistent on a pink monitor, there are some available on Chinese wholesale websites like Alibaba. These monitors may look too good to be true and that’s usually because they are; these cheaper monitors come at a lower quality, higher risk of faults, and generally a more headache-inducing experience.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! While we appreciate some of you may be disappointed by the number of pink monitor options available, we really think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by these picks; and if not, we’ll again recommend the white monitor options on the market as a great alternative for a pink setup.

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