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How to Hide, Unhide or Remove a Game From Your Steam Library

The article has been fact-checked in June; all information is up-to-date for 2023.

Trying to hide that Barbie dress-up game you got in a Humble Bundle?

Or perhaps you’re trying to permanently delete Dota 2 because you can’t stop playing it?

No? Just me?

Well, whatever the reason, this quick guide will show you how to hide a game in Steam, re-add or remove it permanently.

Table of Contents

How to Remove a Game From Steam Library

Note: if you remove a game from your Steam account, you will no longer own that game (if you ever wanted to play it again, you’d have to buy it again!).

To completely remove a Steam game, start by visiting Steam Support and logging in with your account.

You’ll be presented with the below page, click “Games, Software, etc.”

Remove Game From Steam Library 1

On the next page find the game either in “recent products” or by searching – here we’re using Super Meat Boy.

Remove Game From Steam Library 2

Click on the game and you’ll be taken to its support page, select the “I want to permanently remove the game from my account” option.

Remove Game From Steam Library 3

You’ll be taken to a final screen to confirm you want to remove, click the option below.

Remove Game From Steam Library 4

And voila! The game will be removed from your account and you will no longer see it in your library.

How to Hide a Game on Steam

What’s the difference between removing and hiding a Steam game?

Well, removing a game permanently deletes it from your Steam library.

Hiding means you won’t see it in your normal library but you still own it/can access with a little more effort.

If you just want to hide a game in Steam, it’s very easy.

Simply find the game you want to hide in your library and right-click on its icon (or name if you use list view), then click “Hide this game” as below:

Hide Game in Steam Library 1

That’s all there is to it! The game will no longer appear in your normal Steam games list.

Now what if you want to see those titles?

How to Unhide a Game on Steam

To find hidden Steam games, simply click “view” at the top left of steam and then Hidden Games as below.