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The 10 Best TVs for Cars in 2022

Portable options for Netflix, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and more

TV for Car

Buying a TV for your car used to be a luxury few could afford.

But today, there are a ton of affordable, high-quality, and flexible devices that can work for streaming, games, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a car TV for kids, adults, or both, we’ve broken down the main types of TVs to installing in your car.

If you’re new to the world of car TVs, don’t fret, we’ve included plenty of detail on what to look for depending on your needs just below.

Best Car Headrest TVs

Best Car Overhead TVs

Best Portable DVD Players/Monitors

Best Tablet + Car Mount Combos

Best Headphones for Car Trips

A quick word on low-quality car TVs

Before we start, we wanted to make our readers aware of the emergence of low-quality, cheap-manufacturer offerings in the car TV market.

There are plenty of great portable screens on offer, but we also came across many overpriced (borderline scams) in our searches.

Where possible, stick to the recommendations we’ve provided below. But if you want to stray to other picks, make sure there is already a large positive reception online (it’s easy for scammers to fake a few good reviews).

Now, let’s get to it!

Types of Car TVs

Today’s feature is broken down into 4 different types of Car TV screens – follow the links to the ones you are most interested in:

  1. Headrest Car TVs: This is the type of display we would recommend to most users. Often sold in pairs, these are made to wrap around the back of your front seats to provide backseat passenger entertainment. They’re also one of the cheaper options (with premium types available).
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  2. Car Overhead TV: As the name implies, these monitors are typically installed on the inner roof of your vehicle (usually between the 2 front seats). This is a good option if you want your kids/backseat passengers to watch the same content (often the best choice for those after a gaming TV for the car). It’s also the best alternative if the back of your front seats aren’t suitable for mounting screens (most sturdy seats are, unless you are the type of front passenger who is constantly adjusting their position).
    We would recommend headrest car TVs first as the installation is much simpler and they tend to be more affordable compared to car roof TVs.
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  3. Portable DVD Players/Monitor: If you want something that can be moved easily and/or used for other purposes (e.g. a monitor in your hotel room during a car trip) then a portable screen may be your best bet (as long as you’re happy for it to not be mounted).
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  4. Tablet + Car Mount Combo: If you’re focussed on getting a car TV for kids/babies, you may want to consider picking up a tablet (or use ones you already own) in combination with separate car mounts. These may cost a little more upfront, but having the tablets for your kids to use at other points provides a lot more value overall.
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The best car headrest TVs

This first offering we’ll be reviewing is a smaller type of TV (usually 7-13″) that are designed to be strapped or mounted to the back of your front seats to provide each backseat passenger with a screen for Netflix, Disney+, DVDs, etc (streaming is limited to the premium options).

These are the most popular type of car TV screens and the ones we recommend for a majority of our readers, due to their:

  • Low cost compared to other options.
  • A competitive market means the top products are of a decent picture and build quality
  • Included mounts are usually flexible for a wide range of seats
  • Designed for individual usage (often sold in discounted pairs) they’re better if you’re looking for a car TV for multiple passengers (e.g. 2 kids sitting in the back who want to watch different shows)
  • They often come with all the necessary extras (wiring setups, headphones, etc.)

NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Car Monitors

Overall Best Car TV


Screen Size: 10.1″ | Extras Included: Remote + headphones (x2) | DVD player: Yes | Memory Options: USD/SD up to 128GB | Battery: Car charger-powered | Controls: Buttons & remote

Our score: 95%


+ Fantastic value

+ Good warranty and support

+ Serviceable quality for kids

+ DVD & memory card options for storage

 − Better quality available at higher pricing
 − No screen mirroring for non-DVD content

Kicking off our top picks is a choice that we think is what many of our readers will have in mind on their search for the best TV for car trips.

This Naviskauto offering is a pair of 10.1″ monitors with all of the necessities bundled. That includes 2 pairs of headphones (their quality isn’t mind-blowing, but are a serviceable value-add for car entertainment).

The screen is at a decent resolution for the device’s size and boasts some decent UI to play movies/TV shows.

The included DVD player isn’t just decent and lightweight, but also designed to mirror across both devices (in other words, you can set one DVD up to play on both screens for multiple passengers).

We’re also pleased to see the device includes up to 32GB storage for SD/USB content – On top of this, it supports MP4s up to 1080p. This is one of the value-adds of this offering over some of our cheaper picks directly below (which may support SD card movies, but not necessarily full HD or the most common file types, meaning you may have to convert some content before watching).

One disappointment here (even though it’s fairly universal across similar devices) is that the screen mirroring only works for DVD content. If you’re playing movies from the SD card, you’ll have to set up SD cards in both of the devices instead of being able to mirror from one.

The displays also have decent ports available, most notably HDMI-in, meaning you could as easily play content from a phone/laptop/tablet (providing you have the right cables to connect each).

There are quite a few similar dual-monitor offerings out there, so what makes us rate this one the highest?

Overall, we think the NAVISKAUTO hits the sweet spot between price, included extras, screen quality, and memory upgrade options.

Finally, their warranty and customer service have been well-received by a huge array of previous customers. Don’t underestimate the importance of this: although the included car mounts are well received, there is no such thing as a 100% universal car mount, so having a supplier that seems to be (from previous customer experiences) willing to provide alternate mounts is a great bonus add (warranty also helps when you’re buying something intended for kids/babies!).

Simply put, the NAVISKAUTO is the best all-around choice; there are certainly other great options throughout this feature, but if you’re looking for simplicity and value (without going too cheap), these are the best headrest TV screens we’d recommend to you.

A AINAVI 13.3" Android Screen

Best Premium TV for Cars


Screen Size: 13.3″ | Extras Included: USB Flash drive | DVD player: No | Memory Options: 16-64GB internal options + TF card/USB port up to 128GB | Battery Life: Car battery-powered | Controls: Android tablet/touschreen

Our score: 90%


+ Best car TV picture quality

+ Smooth, fast and well-built

+ Wi-fi & Bluetooth support

+ Good screen mirroring

 − Expensive
 − No DVD player

If you have a larger budget, or perhaps have older children/adult passengers who will appreciate a premium experience, this next pick is for you.

The A AINAVI screens are a delight; they are very sturdy and well-built while retaining a deceptively thin, lightweight form factor. 

But the magic is really in the internals; with a nice, large 13.3″ screen that is not just full HD in resolution, but supports up to 4K video (downscaled) due to its excellent speedy hardware. These good specs don’t just help with video playback, but also ensure the experience on the device is smooth (with fast load times and responsive UI, something that can be a little painful on cheaper TVs for vehicles).

The device doesn’t just have a decent resolution; it’s bright, has decent contrast, and boasts great colors compared to the usual $150-200 screen pairs, it’s one of the best picture qualities we’ve come across that older passenger, in particular, are sure to appreciate.

Another super important inclusion over the cheaper options is that this is a tv for cars with wi-fi & Bluetooth. Not only does this give you so many connectivity options with your car and other devices (e.g. Bluetooth headphones), but the wi-fi support enables you to access live streaming (if you have good mobile data during your car journey).

In other words, this is one of the best car TVs for Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and more (it’s worth adding though, that many of these services have options to download local videos that you may be able to use with some of the cheaper options).

One minor omission on these devices is that they do not include a DVD player. We think the manufacturer figured that for those looking for a premium device in 2022, you’d likely be focused on digital content (but if DVD is important to you, look at our other headrest screen options).

Now, other than a lack of a DVD player, there is very little not to like about these dual vehicle screens, other than the price tag included that matches the excellent features.

We’d say that many of you may be happy with the cheaper TVs on offer.

But if you have the budget, or specifically are looking for large, high-quality screens with better connectivity features, then these AINAVI offerings are the best car TV screens on the market we’ve come across.

WONNIE 10.5'' Dual Screen

Best Budget TV for Cars


Screen Size: 10.5″ | Extras Included: 1 remote | DVD player: Yes | Memory Options: SD card/USB up to 32GB | Battery Life: Up to 5 hours | Controls: Buttons/remote

Our score: 85%


+ Amazing value

+ Fair picture quality for budget device

 − Less memory/video support than the top picks
 − Shorter warranty/slightly more problems observed

WONNIE has created a cheaper offering to our top pick while retaining many of the critical areas that make it an excellent headrest TV set.

Boasting a similar screen size, DVD player, and build quality, the WONNIE dual screen set is a fantastic value offering.

Its picture quality isn’t anything too impressive, but it’s certainly serviceable for most types of content.

One feature we appreciate here is the included battery which means you don’t need to always have the device powered by the car mains if that is inconvenient for your car setup.

(We appreciate that as a budget choice, this may still be expensive for some, see our next pick for the cheapest set we’d recommend).

So, with similar specs to our top pick at a slightly lower price, why do we not put this as the best overall TV for vehicles?

Well, although it’s a close race, the NAVISKAUTO has a couple of extra features we think will be worth the money:

  1. An extra 6 months of warranty with excellent customer feedback; for a portable device that is often used by kids/babies, we think this is an excellent value-add
  2. WONNIE has slightly less support when it comes to digital filetypes, most notably MP4s (the most common for downloaded movies) – this means that  if you plan on using an SD card/USB stick for movies, you may have to convert them on your PC first which is a bit of a slog for a device that is about adding convenience to your journies.

With that said, if these extras do not seem all that important to you, the WONNIE screen pair is an excellent choice and the best cheap TV for cars we’ve come across.