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The 5 Best 120hz Laptops of 2023

Reviewing the best high-FPS options for different budgets

120hz Laptop

I updated this article in June to cover any new releases in 2023.

It’s worth adding that many 2023 gaming laptops with 3000 series GPUs have moved towards 144Hz screens. I’d highly recommend checking out our overall gaming laptop feature which includes better offerings, but I’ve also pointed out in this feature where there might be a notably better 144hz alternative available.

60fps? That’s old-school!

Nowadays, the big laptop manufacturers have come out with some fantastic machines that can output double the standard 60fps framerates.

This is why today’s feature will be taking you through the best 120hz laptops on the market. I’ve reviewed and ranked them for gaming (and other uses) with lots of different budgets in mind.


Dell G15 RTX 3050 Ti

Overall Best 120hz Laptop

Dell G15 RTX 3050 Ti

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 RTX 3050 2

Best Pick Under $800

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3

Our Rating: 8.75/10


ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 2

Best 14-Inch Pick

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

Our Rating: 8.5/10


MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252 2

Alternative Pick under $1,000

MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252

Our Rating: 8.75/10



Honorable Mention

ASUS TUF RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop

Our Rating: 8/10

Dell G15 RTX 3050 Ti

Overall Best 120hz Laptop for Gaming: Dell G15 RTX 3050 Ti

At the top of the list is an offering from Dell that represents fantastic value for its price range.

An RTX 3050 Ti laptop, this GPU can handle a lot for its price. If you’re into newer titles you can expect to achieve decent graphics settings on these (with nothing on the horizon that the RTX 3050 Ti couldn’t play in some capacity).

But of course, with its 15.6-inch 120hz display, where the machine really shines is its ability to play mid-tier games at very high refresh rates. This is one of the best laptops for Fortnite, Overwatch, and other competitive esports at 120fps.

Dell G15 2

Source: _i_am_sus

Working alongside the GPU is a Ryzen 7 5800H & 16GB RAM, great components to go alongside the GPU. We don’t expect you’ll need more than 16GB of RAM for a long time which is why even our longevity-focused picks have this capacity. That said, the RAM slots could be upgraded at a later date should you desire. These specs will be decent for business and personal use too (not just a gaming machine).

While there are some other compelling options below, I’ve picked this laptop as our top choice due is its fantastic reliable performance.

With great thermals, solid material, and a sturdy (+ beautiful) keyboard, this gaming laptop has been built to last. The similarly priced 120hz alternatives have some minor issues that we talk about below; while it was a very close race to the top pick, we think it’s worth paying an extra 5-10% for a laptop that is durable and doesn’t run very loudly.

Overall, the Desll G15 offers a fantastic value at its mid-range price and is our choice for the best 120hz laptop available today.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 RTX 3050 2

Best Cheap 120hz Laptop under $800: Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 RTX 3050

Now, we appreciate some readers will be looking for the best pick on a tighter budget.

It’s important to realize that if you want to achieve high-FPS gaming, you do need to have some horsepower. That’s where this Lenovo gaming laptop strikes a fantastic balance (we think it’s incredible that they’ve managed to produce a laptop capable of 120fps gaming at this price range).

Lead by its RTX 3050 graphics card, AMD Ryzen 5-5600H & 8GB RAM, this PC packs a decent punch for gaming.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 RTX 3050

Source: Litkid_05

You can still expect to achieve 120fps on Fornite, Minecraft, Overwatch, LoL, and other older competitive games (providing you play with the settings to around medium). An RTX 3050 will still be able to run newer titles, as long as you can limit your expectations (i.e. low settings, 30-60fps at 1080p).

We love also that despite the budget price-point, this Lenovo laptop is still of excellent build quality, and comes with all the usual quality-of-life features you expect on a good portable gaming PC (lit keyboard, Windows 10 included, and a decent thermal solution).

The one downside of the cheapest 120hz laptop on the market is its subpar battery life. You can expect a few hours for general use and 2-3 for gaming (but again, at this budget, you won’t find anything better).

You’re not getting the performance of a more expensive future-proofed laptop at this price, but the fact that you can have a machine that balances 120fps gaming for older esports and can still play most newer titles at lower settings/fps really is an impressive feat.

This is, without a doubt, the best cheap 120hz laptop available on the market today.

2023 update: There is an updated version of the Ideapad 3 which boasts a notably improved processor and DDR5 RAM. Its list price is $900, but I have seen it on sale a lot around the same price as our featured model. If the newer model is on sale or only slightly more expensive, I highly recommend the upgrade if your budget can accommodate it.

Our Rating: 8.75/10

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 2

Best 14-inch 120 Hz Laptop under $1500: ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

If you’re after a more portable gaming PC than the rest of our choices, the G14 is one of the best examples of how to achieve an excellent lightweight high-refresh-rate laptop.

With an RTX 2060 Max-Q, its performance is slightly less than our top choice’s GPU (in the region of 5-10%, as Max-Q cards are made for ultra-thin laptops). However, the G14 also boasts a Ryzen 9 4900HS CPU. This is a fantastic edition and for CPU-intensive games, will gain back a lot of the lost performance from its GPU’s “Max-Q” label. You’ll still be able to use its great 120hz display for esports titles like Overwatch, Fortnite, and Dota 2

With 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, this machine has plenty of capability as a business and personal use laptop too.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

Source: CrazyGelo

But perhaps the best of all of its unique features is its superb design and build quality. With a gorgeous aesthetic and thermal solution for its size (only 3.64 lbs and 0.7″ thick!), the G14 really feels like a very premium laptop built to last

Finally, with the Max-Q and Ryzen 4000-series both being power-efficient iterations, the laptop has a superb battery life; which, alongside its build quality, really solidifies its place as a machine for portable gaming.

The G14 is comfortably our top pick for the most portable 120hz pick. I love that in its tight space, it still manages to pack a great punch.

Our Rating: 8.5/10

MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252 2

Best 120hz Laptop under $1000: MSI GF65 Thin 9SD-252

For those who can’t stretch to our top pick, there is thankfully a fantastic alternative MSI gaming laptop under $1000.

This is from the exact same GF65 range that has been featured many times on WIT. This model runs off a GTX 1660ti GPU. Which, while not as powerful as the RTX 2060, doesn’t run too far behind in capability. Typically, the difference is usually around 5-10% less FPS, which will still give you all the horsepower you need to use its beautiful 120hz screen for mid-range competitive esports (and enough power to still enjoy newer/upcoming titles).