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280Hz Monitor Buying Guide in 2022 - Should You Buy & Best Picks

How to find the perfect high refresh rate display for gaming (and more)

280Hz Monitor

Short answer: There are very few 280Hz monitors on the market but there are a few excellent choices (we’ll cover them below).

If you’re looking for the highest refresh rate monitor possible, we cover displays up to 360Hz in another detailed feature.

280Hz displays, what a time to be alive!

Not too long ago, 144Hz was hailed as the highest refresh rate available. Today, the top manufacturers have well surpassed this limit to provide some stunning ELMB monitors (extreme low monitor blur).

Today we’ll go through the best 280Hz monitors available, and a couple of premium/budget alternatives.

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Should You Buy a 280Hz Monitor?

280Hz screens are designed primarily with gaming in mind.

Such a high refresh rate (combined with anti-screen tear technologies like AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync) enables your content to boast extremely low motion blur alongside the snappiness/responsiveness of high-FPS.

If you’re a serious e-sports or online multiplayer gamer, this refresh rate is a fantastic choice, you’ll notice a huge difference between 280Hz vs 144Hz (280Hz vs 60Hz isn’t even comparable!).

There are higher refresh rates available on the market (the best alternative we cover below), but 280Hz is a decent sweet spot for most (because the highest refresh rate options cost significantly more for what we would consider diminishing returns for most gamers).

If you’re focused primarily on single-player games, 280FPS monitors are still a good choice, but we expect you’ll prefer something that prioritizes a higher resolution (280Hz monitors are currently all 1080p).

Other options to consider:

If 280Hz monitors are your best option, then read on for the best picks…