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The 5 Highest Resolution Monitors in 2024

Reviewing the sharpest screens for high-quality setups

Highest Resolution Monitor

We updated this article to cover new (and upcoming) options up to mid-2024. The Dell UltraSharp UP3218K is still the highest-resolution monitor widely available and with no 16K monitor on the horizon, we don’t see anything topping it any time soon.

We’ve included some additional high-res options throughout the feature for different categories/aspect ratios.

Whether you’re a gamer, creative or general user, resolution can be one of the most impactful stats in defining your display’s quality.

Thankfully, in today’s market options like 5K & 8K monitors are no longer a pipe-dream, but readily available.

But they’re not all necessarily worth purchasing.

This is why today’s feature is focused not just on the highest resolution monitors available in the world, but the best choices that are actually worth buying for various needs.


Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

Highest Resolution Monitor

Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

Our Rating: 9/10


Samsung CRG9

Highest Resolution Ultrawide Monitor

Samsung CRG9

Our Rating: 10/10



High Res Runner-Up


Our Rating: 9/10



Cheap High-Resolution Pick


Our Rating: 9/10


Samsung 8k Q800T

Highest Resolution TV

Samsung 8k Q800T

Our Rating: 9.25/10

Highest Resolution Monitor: Dell UltraSharp UP3218K

Not only is this Dell offering the highest res monitor on the market, but it’s also one of the only innovations that meet the incredible 7690×4320 resolution.

Whether you’re an 8k video editor, someone who wants content to be crisp even at the closest of glances, or are looking for something as close to a future-proof resolution as you can get, the Dell UltraSharp is rivaled by little else.

Alongside the startling 8k, the monitor boasts some fantastic color specifications.

Implementing Dell PremierColor, the UP3218k offers 100% AdobeRGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709 & 98% DCI-P3.

Along with these impressive specs is an IPS panel, decent 400-nits brightness, and great contrast capability.

For high-end video/photo editors or those serious about achieving the best content viewing experience (e.g. an HTPC monitor), it’s hard to describe how great 8k content can look alongside the premium picture quality.

It’s worth pointing out though, that while this is the highest resolution monitor in the world that’s readily available, that doesn’t mean it’s the right pick for every setup.

Firstly, for content-focused users, as amazing as 8k content looks; there is a limited amount of it.

We expect UHD/4k to be the leading choice for high-end producers for the foreseeable future. A monitor of this caliber may be overkill unless you are happy to pay the premium. This is why I’ve highlighted some more grounded choices below for mid-range users.

Impressively, it still manages a 6ms GTG response time. We would expect something higher for a screen of this resolution, making it suitable for 8k gaming.

That said, the amount of 8k gaming content available right now isn’t particularly high. And even if it was, you’d only be able to fully utilize the resolution for games if you had the most powerful build possible (even then, it’s a stretch).

Then there’s the fact that you won’t have an 8k 144hz monitor (or any refresh rate above 60fps) for a long time (let alone a PC that can support it). I would say for every gamer, you would prefer a higher refresh rate than 60Hz over the jump from 1440p/4K to 8K.

Yes, 8k gaming will probably be around en-mass one day.

But for today? We strongly recommend focussing your budget on a premium screen with 1440p 240hz, 4k 144hz, or the excellent next pick below that I tailored for gamers.

Gaming aside, if you are a serious production user that demands 8k, then this Dell offering is the best choice for you.

It’s worth pointing out that the screen requires 2 DisplayPort connections to run at 8k.

Finally, I need to touch on the build quality/design.

Somehow both as sturdy as you would hope for in a premium offering, while also offering fantastic slim bezels, a gorgeous aesthetic, and great adjustability (including a 90-degree rotation), I was pleased to see the UP3218K doesn’t compromise on physical longevity.

Although it’s worth noting our cautions and checking out our other picks if you think 4K/5K screens could suit you, we are comfortable in naming this Dell offering the highest resolution monitor worth buying today.

If you demand 8K with fantastic picture quality, it’s the best choice for you.

2024 update: This Dell offering still remains the best 8k monitor with no other worthy competitor in the space. With that said our point still stands; if you don’t need 8K, you (and your wallet) will likely appreciate some of the other options below.

Our Rating: 9/10

Highest Resolution Ultrawide Monitor: Samsung CRG9 / Odyssey G9

Our next choice is one of the most featured monitors on What in Tech, excelling at being both being widest monitor worth buying and a screen excellently suited for gaming.

With a mouth-watering 5120 x 14405k resolution, this Samsung monitor instead chooses to use its 49-inch large pixel count to create a super ultrawide display that is effectively 2 1440p 27-inch screens in one monitor.

Not only do we love this from a perspective of productivity and multitasking, but we also think that Samsung’s approach to exploiting DPI in a 49-inch 32:9 aspect ratio is far more practical than the current 8k monitor on the market.

In other words: although this 5k display is lower resolution, we think many users will appreciate the premium feel of a double-width 27″ 1440p screen more than a 16:9 8k monitor.

This is true most of all for gamers.

With 120Hz, QLED, a fantastic color gamut capability, up to 1000-nits brightness / HDR1000, 4ms GTG response time & FreeSync Premium Pro support, the specs on this machine are incredible.

Not only is the picture quality fantastic, but the low latency, high refresh rate, and capability to avoid ghosting/tearing issues with FreeSync are all utilities that point to what a fantastic premium gaming display this is, whether you’re into single-player titles or competitive esports.

With a decent availability of gaming content supporting 32:9 (or the option to focus on a 16:9 game with things like Discord/Skype and other second-screen visuals), it’s hard to describe just how stunning and immersive content looks on this monitor.

Speaking of immersive, the CRG9 is also the highest resolution curved monitor available.

Boasting a 1800R curve that engulfs games/content around your vision to match the curvature of your eyes more ergonomically/naturally than a flat-screen (the G9 model takes this further and boasts a 1000R curve, the strongest one available in mainstream monitors if you think this would suit you).

Although marketed as a gaming monitor, we think the excellent picture quality, refresh rate, and latency will provide a premium experience to many other types of users; especially considering the price of the CRG9 is in many cases cheaper than “work-orientated” options of similar specs (but if you want other alternatives, our largest monitor feature has them).

Remember that if gaming isn’t on the menu, this is still 2 screens in one. With excellent productivity capability (including the option to connect 2 PCs/laptops at once and display them side-by-side).

If you are a gamer and can stretch your budget further, we highly recommend the other version on the Amazon listing; the Odyssey G9.

Not only is this the highest resolution gaming monitor, but one of the best for gamers in any category. It boasts a 240hz refresh rate & an even faster latency – it’s worth the additional price if you can afford it (but the CRG9 is still an excellent alternative if not).

Finally, I was pretty floored by the gorgeous aesthetic of both models in person. Looking like they could be part of a spaceship, their designs complement the unique innovation behind them, and what’s more; they’re sturdy enough to support real longevity. I’ve been disappointed previously in how some premium ultrawide choices seem to skimp out a little in this area so it’s nice to see these Samsung offerings feel like the full package.

All-in-all, if you’re interested in the unparalleled experience a super ultrawide display can offer, the CRG9 (or OG9) are the best 5K monitors, with incredible quality across the board.

Our Rating: 10/10

Second Highest Resolution 16:9 Monitor: LG 27MD5KL-B

The last of my main 3 picks are for those who think a 5k resolution would be more suited for their needs over 8k, but also want to keep to the traditional 16:9 form factor over our ultrawide pick above.

The 27MD5KL is a fantastic premium monitor. Boasting an IPS panel with 99% DCI-P3 color, a typical brightness rating of 500 nits & a 1100:1 contrast ratio all alongside its 5120 x 2880 setup (the largest resolution monitor outside of 8k), the picture is stunning and for a majority of content, going to look as sharp as that of our top 8k choice.

Important note: The LG UltraFine display runs via USB-C; making it largely positioned as a MacBook/Mac high-resolution monitor. It is compatible with PC usage, however, but make sure you have a graphics card that can support the bandwidth necessary via USB Type-C instead of the usual HDMI/DisplayPort (I’ve still highlighted this for Windows users because the options for 16:9 5k are surprisingly slim, as most manufacturers instead produce ultrawide offerings at this res).

I wouldn’t recommend this pick (or any choices with 16:9 5k) for gaming. With a 16ms GTG response time and specs that are generally not as aligned for games (if you are focussed on a 16:9 screen over the Odyssey G9 above, we would push you towards a 4k 144hz display instead).

The monitor is slick, minimalist, and very aesthetically pleasing, as you would expect from LG, with no qualms about the build quality (and some basic adjustability options for ergonomics).

If 8k feels like overkill for your needs, the 27MD5KL is the best 5k monitor available.

Our Rating: 9/10

Alternative Picks – Best of the Rest

The top 3 picks are the highest resolution displays today (and the best models in their respective categories).

That said, we wanted to include a couple of quick-fire additional options that may suit different lower budgets.


Best Cheap High-Resolution Monitor: AOC U2790VQ

If you are looking at our picks and salivating, but also tearing up at the price tags, don’t worry; we appreciate these are some very expensive monitor options.

If you can’t stretch to a premium offering, we highly recommend this AOC monitor, that still boasts stunning picture quality with 4K, which for budget users, will still provide incredibly gorgeous content.

Our Rating: 9/10

Samsung 8k Q800T

Highest Resolution TV: Samsung 8k Q800T 

If you are a user that is open to using a TV as their monitor, the Q800T is an excellent choice; boasting 8K at an incredible price given the size of the screen, media, in particular, will look stunning on this offering.

Our Rating: 9.25/10

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