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The Best 2TB Flash Drives (and Alternatives) in 2022

Finding the best option in a sea of fakes


Are 2TB flash drives real? No – As of 2022 there are no mainstream 2TB options available on the market.

We’re glad you found this post though, as there are unfortunately a huge plethora of fake options around online marketplaces.

Today’s feature is here for 2 things:

  1. We’ll keep it updated as the situation with 2TB pen drives changes (eventually they’ll appear, and when they do, we’ll review the best ones)
  2. Until then, we’ve detailed your best authentic alternatives to a 2TB flash drive below (and how to spot fakes)

So, let’s get to it…

Top Picks

A quick word on fake 2TB flash drives

If you looked on one of the popular online marketplaces, you’d probably be surprised that we’re saying all 2TB pen drives are fake because there are so many of them listed, and some even have good reviews!

Unfortunately, today’s scammers can be pretty deceptive and the storage market in particular (including SSDs and HDDs) seems to attract a huge amount of fakes.

Typically, fakes use smaller flash drives and rewrite them to appear larger. For example, this could be a 128GB drive that pretends it’s 2TB, but as soon as you fill up to 128GB, the drive will stop working.

What makes this harder is that some of these pages also use a page that previously had a lot of great reviews for a different flash drive, then is edited into a fake page (in other words, although lots of good reviews is usually a good sign, there’s still a possibility that you’re looking at a fake product).

How do you spot a fake flash drive? 

There is no sure-fire way, which is why we highly recommend you stick to our recommendations in this article and our other memory features.

However, if you want to stray to other picks, stick to the big-name brands (Samsung, Corsair, SanDisk, etc.) and practice the rule of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” (in other words, if you see a flash drive that is 20% of the price of a Samsung equivalent of the same size, it is almost definitely fake).

That all sounds very pessimistic, but fear not, we have a couple of excellent alternatives to share.

SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO

Best 2TB Flash Drive Alternative


Capacity: 1TB | Read/Write Speeds (up to): 420/380Mbps | Input Type: USB 3.2 | Weight: 0.64 ounces

Our Score: 95%


+ Fantastic real-world speeds

+ Durable build quality

+ Lifetime limited warranty

 − Expensive

Although there are no 2TB thumb drives available on the market, the best 1TB flash drive around is a fantastic alternative.

The SanDisk 1TB Extreme Pro is a very popular market choice for a reason. on top of the 1 terabyte storage capacity, this device really shines due to its fantastic read write/speeds.

Not only is up to 420/380Mbps a great starting point, but real-world benchmarks tend to show the PRO performing similarly in real world scenarios (this is an important distinguishment, some drives advertise fast speeds but fall down under real tests).

SanDisk also has excellent onboard encryption if you are dealing with sensitive data that needs protection (and simple software included to get you started).

We think the aspect that solidifies this Sandisk flash drive as our top choice compared to its competitors, however, is its longevity.

Not only does the PRO boast a fantastic, sturdy build quality, but SanDisk also includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Durability is an underrated buying factor of flash drives considering how much we move them around, but even the most durable of drives eventually encounters problems.

This is why a lifetime limited warranty is such a great perk and, in our opinion, justifies the slightly hefty price tag.

(It’s worth adding that the lifetime warranty is at the time of writing this feature, please check that this is still the case in the region you’re purchasing).

If you want other 1TB options, we have a full feature breaking other ones down in detail (including cheaper options).

Note: We see some customer reviews exclaim annoyance at how the drive they receive is around 920GB in usable space as opposed to the advertised 1TB

Although we appreciate it’s frustrating, this is something that every storage manufacturer does; the drive is 1TB, but flash storage does not operate well when filled to full capacity, so nearly every decent supplier portions a section of the drive (usually around 10%) for longevity and data security.

In other words, assume you’re getting a 920GB drive, no matter which 1TB product you’re looking at.

With all that said, we love the Extreme Pro, not only is this the best 2TB thumb drive alternative, but it’s arguably the best flash storage in any category.

Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB

Best 2TB Drive


Capacity: 2TB | Read/Write Speeds (up to): 1,000/1,000Mbps | Input Type: USB 3.2-C (includes type-A adapter) | Weight: 1.6 ounces

Our Score: 90%


+ Incredible SSD speeds

+ One of the smallest SSDs available

+ Competitive price for size

 − Warranty inferior to SanDisk pick
 − Overheating can lead to occasional drops in performance