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The 5 Best Be Quiet! Cases in 2022

We've reviewed all of the cases from this great brand, here are the best

Best Be Quiet Case

We updated this article in July. Our top picks remain the same this time for the second half of 2022, but we’ve added a couple of alternative picks for the options that occasionally run into stock issues.

Be Quiet! has been a sleeper-hit in the PC case manufacturing game for years now.

While they’re not as big a brand as say, Corsair or Thermaltake, they’ve made a name for themselves by being one of the best choices for a silent PC case 

That’s why we’ve built today’s feature to guide you through the best Be Quiet! PC cases for your next gaming, streaming, or production build (with different budgets in mind).


Be Quiet! Silent Base 801

Overall Best Be Quiet! Case

Silent Base 801

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX

Runner-Up Pick

Pure Base 500DX

Our Rating: 9/10


Be Quiet! Pure Base 600

Best Budget Be Quiet! Case

Pure Base 600

Our Rating: 9/10


Be Quiet! Dark Base PRO 900

Best Premium Be Quiet! Case

Dark Base PRO 900

Our Rating: 9/10


Dark Base Pro 700

Honorable Mention

Dark Base Pro 700

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Be Quiet! Silent Base 801

Overall Best Be Quiet! Case: Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 / BG029

Comfortably taking our top spot is the fantastic Silent Base 801.

Ranked as one of our favorite picks in our silence-focussed feature, this chassis excels at balancing excellent sound dampening with great performance.

Boasting an exterior made largely of insulated steel, the cases finished looks and feels high quality and is of course, specialized to reduce noise as much as possible.

It does a fantastic job of just that, especially considering its mid-tier pricing. I was really impressed by how quiet the 801 stayed even in intensive gaming sessions.

The only similar cases rivaling it in this department/price range are our top Fractal Design picks.

The SB 801 excels in space too; this Be Quiet! mid-tower has room for:

  • 7 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 449mm
  • 5 x 3.5″ & 11 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • Air cooling: Up to 7 x 140mm with 3 high-quality 140mm fans included.
  • Water cooling: Up to 1 x 420, 1 x 360 & 1 x 140mm radiators

It’s not a small case by any means, but the specs for its dimensions are still impressive.

You have all of the GPU and storage room you could need, whether you’re looking for a gaming PC case or something more production focussed.

There’s plenty of cooling capability in the 801 too.

A case optimized for silence will never provide the same airflow as a louder tower (it’s the trade-off for sound-dampening insulation).

However, this chassis still does a great job of maintaining decent thermals, and provides great value out of the box with its 3 included fans.

Another feature I like is the front I/O panel fan controller designed to allow you to control the fan speed.

This isn’t a unique feature by any means, but nice to have it integrated into a build focused on noise reduction.

What the Silent Base 801 does so well is balance all the features we expect anybody building a quiet mid-range build would need.

Build quality, size, internal features, low noise all in a decent price tag; this is why we consider the 801 the best Be Quiet! computer case today.

2022 mid-year update: The 801 comfortably keeps our top Be Quiet! case pick for 2.5 years running. We are, however, seeing it occasionally out of stock. A good alternative to the 801 is the Silent Base 601 if you’re unable to find our top choice in stock.

Our Rating: 9.5/10