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The 5 Largest PC Cases for High-End Builds in 2022​

Largest PC Case Cover

We updated this article in July. After reviewing the new large cases on the market in the first half of 2022, our top picks remain the same. We’ve added a couple of additional alternatives to consider for certain picks.

After 100s of PC case reviews, I’ve been through many different shapes and sizes of chassis on What in Tech.

Amongst them, some extra-large towers have really stood out for those looking at creating something particularly powerful.

If that sounds like you, today’s feature is about ranking the largest PC cases I recommend for top-end gaming/production builds. These are cases that I recommend for their utility across the board, not just the largest in dimension (otherwise I’d recommend you an XXL cardboard box!).


Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Largest PC Case Top Pick

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

Our Rating: 9.75/10


Deep Silence 6

Largest PC Case for Silent Builds

Deep Silence 6

Our Rating: 9/10


Corsair Graphite 780T

Largest Cheap Case

Corsair Graphite 780T

Our Rating: 9/10


Cougar Conquer 2​

Unique Pick

Cougar Conquer 2

Our Rating: 9.25/10


Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Honorable Mention

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Our Rating: 8.5/10

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Largest PC Case (Best Pick): Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Now, there are a couple of chassis picks further below that are a tad larger in terms of external dimensions. But in terms of internal space and capability? The 1000D is comfortably my top pick for super tower gaming or high-scale production use.

Featured multiple times on WIT, the 1000D is an absolute powerhouse. Its build quality has one of the slickest and sturdiest combinations of thick steel, aluminum, and tempered glass I’ve ever seen. It’s a case that is not done justice by stock photos. Only once powered on with beautiful internal components on display it’s stunning to behold. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many 1000D builds and even the most basic look incredible.

The crowning feature of the 1000D (aside from its excellent cooling, which we’ll discuss later) is that it’s a dual-system PC case. This means it supports an independent Mini ITX motherboard/PC alongside your main setup (in other words, 2 PCs inside the same chassis!). There’s a lot of potential utility for premium work/gaming builders with this, and great for content-focused streamers who can they enjoy separate dedicated gaming and streaming setups.

Inside this super tower is room for:

  • 10 x expansion slots
  • GPU length clearance up to 400mm (enough for any mainstream card with room to spare for airflow, one of the best PC cases for RTX 3090 builds)
  • A great front I/O panel, with 2 x USB 3.1 gen-2 type C USB ports amongst the classic inputs (all beautifully backlit with RGB)
  • Accessible but nicely hidden bays for up to 5 x 3.5″ & 6 x 3.5″ drives
  • Up to 18 x 120mm fans (stock configuration up to 10 x 120mm + 3 x 140mm)
  • Or up to 4 x 480mm + 1 x 240mm radiators (stock configuration up to 2 x 480mm, 1 x 420mm + 1 x 240mm)
  • Triple-chamber layout to maximize cable management and airflow of both the main and secondary systems (as well as room to hide “uglier” components like PSUs)
  • Included smart fan controller if you want to add RGB fans to your build
Corsair Obsidian 1000D

Source: six60six

These are some of the most insane specs I’ve ever seen for a chassis. The 1000D isn’t just extra-large but adds some really unique features with its size.

Between the triple-chamber design, dual system capability, and fantastic room for hardware/cooling, what I like most about the 1000D is that it isn’t just large for the sake of it. It’s clearly been meticulously designed to make use of its huge dimensions for amazing capability.

The only case I’ve seen come close to its cooling capacity is the Thermaltake Core P8. But that case does not have the same large space for ventilation and airflow. The 1000D is the best PC case for airflow, cooling (fan or water cooling) I’ve ever seen. I’ve been super impr