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The 15 Best RGB Motherboards of 2022

RGB motherboard

It all starts with the motherboard.

Nowadays, the market for this foundational part is so competitive, manufacturers have come up with new ways to add value to their latest versions.

Luckily for us builders focused on a beautiful PC, the big emerging trend is now the inclusion of RGB lighting within the motherboard, and lots of RGB header availability to light up your PC subtly, or make it look like a glowworm cave.

Not all the options available are great though, which is why we’ve collated the best RGB motherboards available on the market and categorized them for your varying needs.

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Quick Tip:

RGB builds look great in cases with lighter colors/more windows. The reflective surfaces/increased visibility can really add to the effect. So if you’re also looking for a case, there are some great combinations in our best RGB case, best white case, and best clear case features.

Anyway, let’s get to it:

Best Intel RGB Motherboard Overall: Asus ROG Strix Z490-E

This one is popular for a reason!

Asus has created what we think is the best RGB gaming motherboard for LGA with the Z490-E. Filled with fantastic features at a decent price point against many of the other Intel offerings.

Let’s talk about the RGB utility. To start, you have a gorgeous LED ASUS logo and “cybertext” shining across the I/O panel. Which combined with the 2 x RGB headers and 2 x addressable RGB headers available on the board, gives you fantastic customization options when installing additional LED strips on your case.

The great header support and onboard design are the standout features from an RGB perspective, but on top of that is also Asus’s fantastic Aura Sync software. With an incredibly wide compatibility range to other LED parts (be it cases, fans, or GPUs) and a multitude of different effect options (anything from rainbow color cycles to lighting in beat with the music you’re playing). It’s hard to get a better base for your next crazy RGB PC build.

But the board isn’t just about being a light show. Featuring 4 x DIMM (DDR4 compatible) RAM slots, LGA 1200 socket for Intel gen 10 processors, dual m.2 inputs and 2 x PCIe 3.0 (x16, CPU) / 1 x PCI-e 3.0 (x16 / PCH at x4), the board has everything you need for a powerful multi-GPU setup should you desire. Also coming with a bunch of quality software and onboard utility that will expand your ability to effectively overclock your CPU and GPU.

And to round up is the set of great features available through the beautiful I/O port. Excellent HD-quality audio is outputted via an S1220A codec SupremeFX chipset; which surpasses what many independent sound cards achieve. Not to mention 6 AX201 wi-fi (and Bluetooth) capability. And of course, it includes all the usual ports you will expect to see with a nice addition of USB 3.1 Type C.

If you like the look of this motherboard but its price is a little steep, the Z490 would be a decent substitute.

If this board fits in your price range, then know you haven’t just found the best LGA 1200 RGB motherboard for Intel 10th gen & 11th gen, but in our opinion, the best RGB motherboard for gaming with Intel.

2022 update: The Strix Z490-E remains our top pick in 2022 with is fantastic balance of features that perfectly suit a mid-range (or even enthusiast) build.