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The 10 Best Looking PC Cases of 2023

After 100s of reviews, these are the ones that look extra special

Best Looking PC Case

Source: Robeywankenobi

I updated this feature in June after reviewing the latest (and upcoming) cases of 2023. While there are some attractive new options on the market, I don’t think anything tops the existing picks, but I’ve included a couple of good alternatives in certain sections.

Come on now, don’t lie.

When looking for your perfect chassis, you may be focussed on the classic factors; motherboard fit, airflow, etc.

But we all know you’re also looking for the most beautiful PC case you can find!

And that’s fine! I strongly disagree with some of the elitist advice that suggests your desired aesthetic shouldn’t be a key part of your final choice.

There are so many great-looking towers, in all shapes and sizes, that fit the bill in offering fantastic utility for a powerful build. In other words, you don’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics, you can have both.

I’ve reviewed a ton of options throughout What in Tech. Today’s feature is to guide you through the best-looking PC cases for gaming, general use and much more.


Lian Li Dynamic PC-O11

Overall Best Looking PC Case

Lian Li PC-O11

Our Rating: 10/10


NZXT H510 Elite 2

Runner-Up Best Looking PC Case

NZXT H510 Elite

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Corsair 680X RGB Edition

High-End Best Looking PC Case

Corsair 680X RGB Edition

Our Rating: 9/10


Best Looking Budget PC Case


Our Rating: 9/10


Antec Torque

Best Looking Unique PC Case

Antec Torque

Our Rating: 9/10


Corsair 280X RGB Edition 2

Best Looking Micro ATX Case

Corsair 280X RGB Edition

Our Rating: 9/10