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The 5 Best NZXT Cases in 2023

I updated this feature in June after reviewing the latest Corsair releases in 2023. Most of my top recommendations remain the same, but I’ve added some extra alternatives throughout the article.

There’s nothing like a good looking PC case.

And NZXT is the master of balancing design with affordability.

One of the best PC case manufacturers around, they’ve built up a fantastic line of towers refined over many different versions.

But with those versions comes a lot of variety.

So we’ve built this feature to guide you through the best NZXT PC cases for gaming, streaming, production, and general use setups.

We’ve selected the top options for different sizes/budgets, and we’ll explain the differences between NZXT case common models for those interested.

Top Picks
  • Overall Best NZXT Case: NZXT H510
  • Best NZXT Mini ITX Case: