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The 8 Best Dual Chamber PC Cases of 2022

An amazing case type for enthusiast builds: here are the best ones

Dual Chamber PC Case

We updated this feature in June. After reviewing some of the new dual chamber offering, our top choices remain the same. We’ve included a couple of alternatives for picks that occasionally run low on stock.

What is a dual-chamber case anyway?

Let’s take some of the main criteria when looking for your perfect chassis:

  1. Plenty of space for hardware
  2. Good ventilation/airflow
  3. Stylish/made for showing off beautiful components.

A dual-chamber case excels at providing all of these things by essentially having a second “hidden area” for some of your less attractive parts.

Sure, most mid-range cases have some small cable management compartments.

But having a dedicated full chamber gives room for the other “ugly” parts. Think PSUs, hard drives, etc.

This then isolates your GPU/CPU in the “main” chamber, giving you a cleaner presentation and space/airflow for the parts that need it most.

They’re a fantastic innovation for PC builders, I’ve really enjoyed my time working in this format. Which is why I’ve put together this guide on the best PC cases with 2 chambers.


Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic

Best Dual Chamber PC Case

Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic

Our Rating: 10/10


Corsair Series Air 540

Best Dual Chamber Case for Airflow

Corsair Series Air 540

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Corsair 680X

High-End Pick

Corsair Crystal Series 680X

Our Rating: 9/10