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The 7 Best Wall Mount PC Cases of 2023

How to install and choose your case for this unique aesthetic

Wall Mount PC Case Cover

We updated this article in May to cover 2023. While our top picks remain the same after reviewing the new offerings this year, we’ve included a couple of alternatives for our picks that run into some stock issues.

Building a chassis on a desk is boring!

Wall-mounting your computer has become a great alternative in the past few years.

Though completing the DIY approach is hard and not for the novice.

Luckily, there is a small amount of dedicated wall-mountable PC cases available and we’ve broken them down in this wall mount case feature.

If you’re not keen on our top picks or they’re sold out, we’ve included some other options that could achieve wall mounting with PC mounters or shelves instead.


Thermaltake Core P3

Best Wall Mount PC Case

Thermaltake Core P3

Our Rating: 9.75/10


Thermaltake Core P7

Premium Wall Mountable Pick

Thermaltake Core P7

Our Rating: 9.25/10


Thermaltake Core P1

Best Mini-ITX Wall Mount Case:

Thermaltake Core P1

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Thermaltake Core G3

Slim PC Case for Custom Mounts

Thermaltake Core G3

Our Rating: 8.5/10


Fractal Design Node 202

Smallest PC Case for Custom Mounts

Fractal Design Node 202

Our Rating: 9/10


darkflash phantom

Honorable Mention

darkFlash Phantom

Our Rating: 8.5/10

How to Wall Mount your PC

Before we get into the top picks, there are 3 main options you have when buying a wall-mounted PC case:

  1. Cases designed to be wall mountable (i.e. the Thermaltake picks below).
    • These are towers that are compatible with high-quality TV brackets which will give you the best sturdiness, presentation, and ease of setup.
  2. Slim/small cases that can fit into a computer case mounter (we’ve detailed some smaller towers below that would work).
  3. If you want a larger case that isn’t option 1, your best bet is to buy/install heavy-duty shelf brackets.
    • We’d recommend you purchase the wood/metal plank for the brackets from a local DIY store.

Now, let’s get to it!

Thermaltake Core P3

Thermaltake Core P3

Overall Best Wall Mount PC Case


Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, mini-ITX | CPU Clearance: 180mm | GPU Length Clearance: 280mm-450mm | Dimensions: 512 x 333 x 470 mm | Weight: 10.3kg | Radiator Support: 420mm | Fan Mounts: 3


+ Incredible build quality and aesthetic

+ Spacious layout with lots of modularity for parts and mounting

+ Open-air design provides great airflow

– Slightly expensive
– A little challenging (but possible) for beginners

Our Rating: 9.75/10

Usually, in our best-of features, there’s a lot of deliberation for the top picks.

But if you want a chassis with wall mounting utility built-in, the Thermaltake Core P cases are easily the only ones we would highly recommend.

Don’t fret though, just because they’re the only good option, it doesn’t mean you’re not in great company.

The Core P3 stands as the best mid-range option in the series.

With an absolutely gorgeous design, this tower is covered with a thick, high-quality tempered glass panel over the top.

It’s suitable for vertical, horizontal, and wall mount orientations (with removable legs). Including a built-in bracket attachment on the back to work alongside a sturdy TV wall mounter.

The P3 is an ATX case/mid-tower with plenty of room for a wide range of builds, with:

  • 8 expansion slots
  • Vertical GPU install options
  • VGA cards of up to 450mm (if radiator/reservoir removed)
  • Hidden 2 x 2.5″ or 3.5″ + accessible 2 x 2.5″ or 3.5 storage bays

You’ll be well placed to create a powerful gaming PC here if desired.

As far as cooling goes, the case accommodates up to 3 x 140mm fans or a 420mm radiator.

This may seem low for a mid-tower, but because of its open-air design, it has plenty of breathing room for ventilation, very capable of overclocking.

You can take the cooling and space requirements one step further with the case’s high modularity/customization.

This means that a majority of the case’s parts (mounting facilities/drive bays, etc.) are removable.

This isn’t just great for an easier build process, but it improves ventilation, noise reduction, and style.

I’ve been super impressed with the Core P3. It’s a joy to build in and performs great in thermals. It feels like a product of a behemoth case manufacturer at the top of their game.

If you’re looking for the best wall-mountable PC case for both a beautiful and powerful build, I think this is an unrivaled choice for you.

2023 update: The Core P3 remains our top wall-mount pick for 3 years running! It’s the best mid-range balance between price, spec, build quality, and aesthetic.

If you’re you like the look of this but are building something extra large, Thermaltake has released an equally great E-ATX version of the case; the Core P3 Pro.