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The 15 Best Thermaltake Cases in 2022

After reviewing all of the cases from this great brand, here are our top picks

Best Thermaltake Case

Rivaled by very few in size, Thermaltake is one of the biggest and best manufacturers in the PC case business.

They’ve been in the game for a while, and it shows in their enormous line of fantastic towers today.

If you’re looking at their fantastic line-up, you’ll quickly realize there’s a lot to choose from.

Which is why today’s feature breaks down the best Thermaltake cases for gaming, production, streaming, and more (for all different sizes & budgets).

Top Picks

Worth Considering: Thermaltake P-Series

Best of the Rest: Quick-Fire Picks

Overall Best Thermaltake Case: Thermaltake Core P3

What a fantastic chassis this is.

Featured several times previously on What in Tech, the Core P-series is the best there is when it comes to high-visibility PC cases.

Our top pick from this iconic range is the P3; which strikes the best balance between cost and spec for most mid-range gaming/enthusiast builds.

The build quality of the P3 is fantastic. With a beautiful, thick tempered-glass surrounding the top side and a base made up of high-quality SPCC steel.

It’s deceptively sturdy, with options for vertical, horizontal, or wall-mounted placements (it’s also by far the best wall-mount case available should you be inclined). 

The P3 is a mid-tower (ATX compatible case) with room for:

  • 8 x expansion slots
  • GPU lengths up to 450mm (if radiator reservoir removed) with vertical install options
  • Hidden 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ and accessible 2 x 2.5″ / 3.5″ drive bays

This is a decent spec for an ATX case, you’ll have all the room you need in here for any of the mainstream GPUs.

We like that it manages to retain a good amount of storage capability considering the chassis is so exposed and focussed on high visibility (drives often get “shafted” in cases like this).

Don’t be intimidated by the way the Core P3 looks compared to a more traditional chassis.

It’s deceptively easy to build in because you have lots of room to play around with (no awkwardly leaning into a case!).

Finally is the cooling, which this tower simply excels at.

You have the capability for either 3 x 140mm fans or up to 1 x 420mm radiator.

While this may not sound like much for cooling, the P series units are the best Thermaltake cases for airflow, with their open-air design.

So essentially, you can get amazing cooling/overclocking potential with fewer fans – a real bonus in terms of value too.

If you’re after something extra special, capable, and with excellent value for your next build, it’s hard to find better than the P3.

2022 update: The Core P3 remains our top Thermaltake pick for 2 years running. If you want a more traditional PC case we have options below, but we think the Core P3 best encapsulates the heights of Thermaltake: great quality, design and space/airflow for your hardware.