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The 5 Largest SSDs Worth Buying in 2024 (2.5″, M.2 & External)

Largest SSD

The 5 Largest SSDs Worth Buying in 2024

We’ve updated this feature to cover mid-2024 releases. While most of the picks remain the same this time, we’ve included a couple of decent alternatives for SSDs that sometimes have stock issues.

Are you looking for a solid state drive capable of running as an unparalleled storage solution?

Perhaps you want to build a server, premium HTPC, or even finally get your whole Steam library installed at once!

Whatever the goal, there are some incredible offerings available in the current market.

Today’s feature is here to guide you through the largest solid-state drives worth buying for 2.5-inch, M.2 & external needs.

In other words, we’re not here to recommend a 100TB SSD with no actual availability/realistic price tag, but the largest drives designed for mainstream consumption (with decent availability and great value).