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The 5 Best Red PC Cases of 2023

I have updated this feature in June after reviewing the latest cases on the market in 2023. My top picks remain the same this time. The only new red PC case on the market I’d recommend is the HYTE Y60, which is a great premium option but a little too expensive compared to my preferred picks below.

Want to stand out from all the other fully white/black PC cases on the market?

Well, if pink is a bit too far for your tastes, then there are some great looking red computer cases available.

There are certainly fewer options than the more common colors.

But that’s why we’ve put this feature together to guide you through the best.

Whether you’re building a gaming PC or something for streaming/production, these are the best red computer cases on the market today.

 Table of Contents – Top Picks

Overall Best PC Case: Corsair Carbide SPEC-OMEGA

This is one beautiful tower.

There are plenty of striking Corsair towers on the market but this is one of their best (and that’s saying something, coming from one of the best chassis brands around).

Included in one of our larger PC Case features, we love the SPEC-OMEGA’s asymmetrical red and black case design, the whole exterior build is created with nice, thick high-quality steel.

What’s more, the red coloring has a beautiful matte finish (giving it a much classier look than a common glossy design).

See the front side of the case where the red and black of the case meet?

Down the full length of that front is a red LED light strip that looks beautiful when illuminating the rest of your build.

You won’t see this in the product photo, but take a look at a user’s build setup in the dark and you’ll see what we mean.

It’s a great tempered glass PC case too, with two high quality, thick windows (one on the side and one on half of the front).

Between the unique look and great glass displays, this would be a great case to show off your internal parts (such as someone looking at an RGB build).

But it’s not just pretty!

The reason it’s taken our top spot is that it combines this great aesthetic with awesome space/features.

It’s an ATX mid-tower, including:

  •  7 Expansion slots
  • VGA lengths up to 370mm (more than most will need)
  • 3 x 3.5″ & 2 x 2.5″ drive bays

Tying this availability with a good motherboard, you’re going to have plenty of space for a powerful gaming computer build (including multi-GPU).

Now, what about cooling all of this?

Well, you’ll have space for:

  • Up to 6 120mm fans – with 2 good performance CORSAIR SP120L fans pre-installed
  • Up to 1 x 360mm, 1 x 240mm & 1 x 120mm radiators

Pair that with a good internal design for airflow and case management, and you have a fantastic PC case for water cooling, air cooling, or both.

(Like the look of this case but want something a tad cheaper/different? The Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 is a good second option in the series).

The SPEC-OMEGA is a fantastic balance between offering a good looking tower with the features you need for a good build.

Simply put, when bearing in mind the fantastic value-point it offers, this is the best red PC case on the market today.

Runner-Up Best PC Case: NZXT H710

Coming in not too far behind is a fantastic offering from one of the biggest case brands in the game.

The NZXT H series is hugely popular due to its slick, “monolithic” style.

The H710 is one of the mid-range versions in the series with a fantastic red and black case design.

With a beautiful SGCC steel exterior and tempered glass window, the build quality also looks (and feels) excellent.

But where the case really excels is in the internal features.

Boasting excellent space for:

  • 7 expansion slots
  • 5 x 2.5″, 2 x 3.5″ & 2 x 2.5/3.5″ drive bays
  • GPU size up to 412mm

The storage space is particularly great.

While this is more than most gaming builds will need, this is an excellent option for a video editing case, or someone building a production PC with high storage needs.

While also officially an ATX case, it boasts support for EATX motherboards (though we expect these to be a tight fit and you’d be better looking for a full tower case if you want such a build).

It goes without saying that even with an ATX mobo, you’ll have the space you need for a powerful multi-GPU rig.

And excellent cooling too, with:

  • Up to 7 x 120mm fans – with 3 x 3 Aer F120 & 1 x 3 Aer F140 fans pre-installed
  • Up to 4 x 140mm & 1 x 120mm radiators

This case also has a great internal airflow design and good cable management capabilities to accentuate your air/water solution.

A small but nice touch to note is the front I/O panel also includes a USB 3.2 Type C port.

As you’ll see, in a lot of ways this case seems a tad more impressive when comparing the H710 vs SPEC-OMEGA.

While this chassis may have slightly better specs, we gave the Corsair offering the top spot as the design is particularly excellent for a red tower.

Additionally, while the H710 does have 2 more fans, the Corsair is still cheaper and its features are more than enough for a great multi-GPU gaming build.

That being said, this was a close race.

If you like the design of the H710, or want the extra room it has, then don’t hesitate in picking it up, it’s excellent.

Best Budget Red PC Case: Phanteks Eclipse P400S

If you’re looking for a cheap red PC case, you’ve got an amazing option here.

The P400 is one we’ve raved about previously on What in Tech. Even including it in our best overall PC case feature.

If you’re on a limited budget, it packs an impressive punch for the price point.

With a largely steel exterior, this specific option is a special edition red and black computer case.

It’s more subtle than most of the other choices, with a great looking red LED light shining at the bottom of the front and some sharp red internal casing behind the tempered glass window.

This specific version, the P400S,  is designed to be a quiet PC case.

Including some high-quality noise dampening panels (great for the price, but if you were looking for a completely silent PC case, there are better options).

On top of this impressive build quality, you’re still getting the great space that you’d expect from an ATX computer case:

  • 7 Expansion slots
  • GPUs up to 395mm
  • Up to 6 x 2.5/3.5″ (2 included) & 2 x 2.5″ (2 included) drive bays

Like the H710, although this is a mid-tower case, it boasts EATX motherboard support (but again, we’d recommend an EATX case if you want this type of build).

You’ll have great cooling options for a gaming PC too, with:

  • Up to 6 x 120mm fans – with 2 x 120mm fans pre-installed
  • Up to 1 x 360mm front & 120mm rear radiators (a tad underwhelming for water cooling, but could be combined with 2 x 120mm top fans)

The cable management space isn’t quite the same as our top picks but still good enough to achieve a clean build with decent airflow.

(If your budget is even tighter, the cheapest red PC case we’d recommend is the Cooler Master MasterBox MB600L, but we’d strongly suggest stretching a bit further to the P400S if you can).

While this is our budget choice, it’s impressive how well it competes with our two top picks.

Rest assured if you’re looking for a cheap gaming PC case (in any color), this is one of the best around.

Best Red Mini ITX Case: NZXT H210i

The smaller brother of our runner-up pick.

If you’re looking for a red ITX case, whether for portability or style, there aren’t many good options.

But this one is awesome.

Boasting a similar black and red design and build quality to the H710, you’re still getting the excellent SGCC steel/tempered glass exterior.

Also boasting some of the best features we’ve seen in an mITX case, it has:

  • 2 expansion slots (standard for an ITX tower)
  • 3 x 2.5″ (+1 optional) & 1 x 3.5″ drive bays
  • VGA cards up to 325mm

While the storage/VGA length may not sound like much, they’re both fantastic for the form factor, making this an excellent Mini ITX gaming case (or even one for streaming/mid-range production).

Cooling wise you’ll be getting:

  • Up to 4 x 120mm fans with 2 x 1 AER F120 fans included
  • Up to 3 x 120mm radiators

This may not seem like much, but again, the capability is great for the size.

Bear in mind as well with an mITX build, you’ll only need to cool 1 graphics card.

The H210i has more than enough for that, one of the best Mini ITX cases for overclocking.

On top of all that, we’re impressed it still retains the USB 3.2 Type C port on its front I/O panel that the ATX model has.

We don’t know how NZXT managed to fit so much capability into such a small unit but rest assured, this is one of the best mini ITX cases available (and easily the best red one).