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The 15 Best PC Cases of 2023

Best PC Cases

Source: Jaqobe

The 15 Best PC Cases of 2023

We updated this article in June. After reviewing the latest cases of 2023, we’ve made a few changes to the list (including a change to our top Airflow pick) and added a handful of alternatives in certain categories.

We’ve been through a lot of cases on What in Tech.

Anything from the cheapest to the largest to the quietest (to name a few).

But after 100s of PC case reviews, which stand out as the top choices?

Today’s feature is here to guide you through the best computer cases for gaming, general use, streaming, and production requirements (e.g. video editing) in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Top Picks

Best of the Rest: Quick-Fire Picks

Overall Best PC Case: Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

What a fantastic PC case this is.

From one of the best tower manufacturers in the business today; the PC-011 is simply incredible at balancing everything most users want: build quality, design, internal features, and airflow all at a fantastic mid-range price-point.

Starting with aesthetic: the PC-011 is not done justice by stock photos.

We also gave the PC-011 the best looking PC case accolade. With an exterior made of beautifully finished thick aluminum and dual full-length tempered glass windows, it has the nicest build quality in its price range (as durable as it is beautiful).

The tower looks slick on its own, but what really gives it such a unique presentation is how a completed, powered-on build looks with the case’s fantastic internal visibility (this feature’s cover photo is an example, but the chassis looks even better in person). We love how much aesthetic customization you have here; you can go all out with an RGB lighting build, or something more minimalist. Either way, the chassis looks great.

Many of the PC-011’s competitors will just have a half-length window on the side only (with a PSU shroud at the bottom). The full-length windows on 2 sides may seem daunting if you’re a novice builder and can’t hide your cables at the bottom, but the PC-011 is a dual-chamber PC case. This means it has an additional compartment behind the motherboard designed for your “uglier” parts (think PSUs, drives, and cable management). Not only does this mean that you can get an incredibly clean aesthetic in the main chamber, but your primary parts will have more room to breathe/benefit from better airflow.

But this is far from just a beautiful chassis.

The PC-011 is an ATX PC case, with great space inside for:

  • 8 expansion slots
  • 2 x 3.5″ + 4 x 2.5″ drive bays
  • GPU length up to 420mm (more than enough room for mainstream cards, and one of the best PC cases for RTX 3070, 3080 & 3090 graphics cards)
  • I/O front panel that includes a USB3.1 Type-C

We think the PC-011 is the best ATX case for gaming available, with its excellent space for GPU installation/breathing room, more than enough storage capacity (hidden in the second chamber for a clean setup), and a beautiful aesthetic to show off your fancy hardware.

But the cherry on top for its gaming capability (or even someone more focussed on production), is the cooling. With up to:

  • 9 x 120mm fans
  • 1 x 360mm, 1 x 280mm & 1 x 240mm radiators

This is a fantastic allotment for the dimensions of the case. Bear in mind that’s on top of the dual-chamber design tha